Message from MFC Leadership

Minnesota Family Council: New Look, New Mission—Same Foundation

I suspect that, like many of the people I run into, you’re concerned about the growing cultural darkness in our state and nation.

I’m concerned too.

But we are a people of HOPE, and we serve the God of HOPE and the God of LIGHT!

“In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it.” 
(John 1:4-5)

We believe that God is calling us, as followers of Jesus Christ, to turn the lights back on in Minnesota.

Jesus said: “You are the light of the world… Let your light shine.” (Matthew 5:14, 16)

But how do we turn the lights back on? Through much prayer, we believe that God has a new vision and mission for Minnesota Family Council—and for our state—so that we can truly be the light we’re called to be!

New Vision

Strong families, communities and culture, through Christ. 
Minnesota thrives when religious liberties flourish, life is cherished at all stages, and God’s design for marriage and family is honored and lived.

New Mission

To nurture and defend families by restoring biblical truth in our culture 
Action steps to advance the mission:

  • Strengthen coalitions of likeminded partners, including pastors, ministry leaders, allied organizations, and statesmen and stateswomen
  • Equip Christian citizens as a winsome, biblical voice to transform Minnesota culture
  • Advance biblically based, pro-family policy throughout the state
  • Support Christ-centered statesmen and stateswomen to rebuild a foundation of godly civil leadership in our state

New Look

This new vision and mission require a new look that better reflects our heart for God and for the family. We believe the new logo embodies the strength you’ve come to expect from Minnesota Family Council to defend the family against the growing threats it faces in a darkening culture.

At the same time, it conveys the warmth and winsomeness essential to nurture families and to reach and appeal to hearts and minds in our culture.

New Resources

A new vision and mission also require the proper tools! We now have a completely refreshed, user-friendly website with updated resources for you.

Our heart is truly to see followers of Jesus Christ coming together and committing themselves to shining the light in Minnesota, so we strive to equip you with the resources you need to SHINE.

What If?

What if followers of Jesus Christ came together and committed themselves to these things?

It really would be as though the lights were turned back on! It will take time and hard work, but together, with God’s help, and the strength that He supplies, we really can build strong families, communities and culture through Christ. We really can turn the lights back on in our state.

So I invite you to join us and let your light shine with ours. Partner with us to turn the lights back on in Minnesota, for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and the good of our state.

Pressing forward,


John Helmberger 
Chief Executive Officer