Pledge to Vote

All Hands on Deck!

This November Minnesotans will choose men and women to fill the 209 legislative seats listed to the left, in addition to city councils, sheriffs, judges and school boards. Votes will be cast on a proposed state constitutional amendment as well. Your ballot will be FULL of opportunities to elect pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom candidates!

November 8 isn't just about who moves into the White House. 

We'll Need All Hands On Deck!

In order to elect servant leaders to the 209+ leadership roles listed above, believers will need to show up at the polls ready to vote for candidates who will champion life, family, and religious freedom values in Minnesota!

Will you commit to vote this November? PLEDGE TO VOTE by clicking the button below and then make a specific plan with your family, friends, roommates or workplace to carry it out! The stakes are too HIGH and the opportunities are too GREAT to stay at home.