St. Paul 101

Hands On, Dynamic Training

st. paul 101


St. Paul 101 is a dynamic tour of the Minnesota State Capitol and hands-on training in the legislative process.

With the Capitol as our classroom, St. Paul 101 is the only on-site, real-time biblically based program in the state designed to empower ordinary citizens for purposeful, authentic and effective action in support of good public policy in Minnesota. 

Experience the legislature within the framework of a biblical worldview!


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Why St. Paul 101?

Why should you be interested in joining us? The two greatest commandments for Christians are Love of God and Love of our neighbor. What happens in our state government  has everything to do with those two commandments!

Our love for God motivates us. The Lord is the Law-giver, and he cares about laws. Jesus himself said he didn't come to abolish law but to uphold and fulfill it. If he's concerned about law, we should be as well.

Our love for our neighbor leads us to act. If we care about our neighbor, we'll care about how laws enacted at the state government affect our neighbor. Do they protect our neighbor's marriage and children or hurt them? Do they protect the sanctity of life or take it away? Do they protect the freedom to worship God or infringe upon it? Do they affirm what is good and just or not? We have a responsibility to love our neighbor in the arena of government. If we won't, who will? 

What Will I Learn at St. Paul 101? 

  • The history of the state and the role that faith and the Bible played in the founding of our state and upon its political leaders throughout the years.
  • How to navigate the Capitol building, which is really your house. We, the people, are ultimately in charge.
  • How the legislative process works. Learn how a bill is introduced and becomes a law.
  • Attend a committee hearing and a floor session.  
  • Talk with legislators. Learn how faith is the guiding force in many of their lives and their work at the Capitol.
  • Meet your legislator.

St. Paul 101 DETAILS

LOCATION: All St. Paul 101 trainings take place on-site at the State Capitol Complex in St. Paul (map)

DONATION: All St. Paul 101 trainings are facilitated by Minnesota Family Council at a cost of $10/person or $35/family (up to 5 family members)

RECOMMENDED AGE: Age recommendation for students is 13-18 yrs old.  Younger than 10 yrs old find it to be a long time to be quiet and pay attention to the session.

TRAINING OPTIONS: We offer two different types of training sessions.

  1. Legislative Training - Thursdays 8:45am -12:00pm. Meet at the MN State Office Building (West across street from the State Capitol)

  2. Joint Legislative/Judicial Training - Wednesdays 8:45am-1:00pm.  Meet at MN Judicial Center Building (East across street from the State Capitol)

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ST. PAUL 101: Take-Aways

St. Paul 101 helps citizens know how to confidently navigate the Minnesota state legislature and Capitol in St. Paul

  • Where to park.
  • How and where to reserve meeting space for both casual and official legislative business. 
  • Where to eat lunch, buy a cup of coffee, locate restrooms, accessibility options, etc.

Participate in the Legislative Process

  • Where and how to utilize the bill resources available through Senate and House Information offices. 
  • How and where to testify at a legislative hearing. 
  • How to read and track bills. 
  • Using the tools available for citizens to effectively interpret and follow the legislative process. 
  • Participating in grassroots networking activities. 
  • How and where to receive advanced training. 
  • Preparing citizens for leadership roles within their own circles of influence.

Build Relationships with Lawmakers and their Staff

  • How and when to contact district lawmakers about legislation. 
  • Promoting good public policy through servant leadership. 
  • Providing accountability through constituent action. 

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