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Beyond the Gateway

By Amanda Hage, Administrative Assistant
Student Statesmanship Institute

Imagine walking under the Gateway Arch, from the east side to the west. The Mississippi-Missouri is behind you. Before you, a grassy green lawn stretches out to the Old Courthouse and the eastside of downtown St. Louis. Indifferently, you shrug your shoulders. “That’s it—the American West. I’ve seen it all now. That’s good enough for me.” Tragic, isn’t it?

That's good enough for me.

Sadly, many young Christians do not realize they hold a similar mentality about their salvation and walk with God. Unaware of the scope a Christian’s salvation entails, they remain babies in Christ. Take it a step farther. If Christians are not maturing, gaining a deeper understanding of the treasures in God’s Word, who they are in Christ, and what children of God are called to, how can they communicate the truth to the world? How can they expect to impact their culture?

The St. Louis Arch is called the Gateway to the West for a reason. Have you ever traveled beyond the great Mississippi-Missouri? Beyond the Continental Divide? If you have, then you understand what I’m talking about. West of those geographical landmarks lies a vast, land of physical wonders. Beyond the miracle of salvation is a life of walking hand in hand with God, exploring the riches of the gospel, learning to know His mind and ways in all aspects of life.

As children of God, we must know what we believe and why—then how to walk in the Gospel of Peace. This is why I work for MN Student Statesmanship Institute, to give teenagers another opportunity to strengthen their relationship with Christ. MN Student Statesmanship Institute is a week-long camp where teenagers soak up Christian worldview teaching, participate in a hands-on leadership simulation, and network with Christians in public leadership roles. Through the Biblical teaching and real-world application, I pray that God will sanctify and shape every SSI student’s life for His glory. I hope to see the Holy Spirit inspire every student to journey beyond the gateway of salvation to discover the precious treasures hidden in Christ. The way is hard. But it’s worth the struggle—and as the family of God, we’re in it together. Will you join us?

Will you join us in this effort to build up the household of God? There is much you can do to help the next generation shine brightly in our dark culture. You can encourage teenagers you know to enroll in this dynamic program, sponsor a student financially, contribute to our financial aid fund, or volunteer as a camp counselor. We would also be blessed to have you join us in prayer, asking the Lord to work mightily through every part of the SSI week, for the praise of His glory. There is true joy in serving our Savior by reaching into the lives of others. That’s why I love being involved with SSI year-round. I hope and pray you are able to invest somehow as well! Let’s make the journey together! 

Published on by Stephani Liesmaki.