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Heartbreaking & Trendy: Celebration of Gender Confusion

By Emily Zinos, Consultant for Ask Me First MN, a Project of Minnesota Family Council

Are you watching the transgender phenomenon and scratching your head over it's popularity? It seems like just yesterday that biological sex was an unquestionable fact. But that's not the case for many young people, who are feeling confused about their sex at younger and younger ages. As a mom and a Christian, I believe this is a call to proclaim the truth with boldness and compassion.

As many Christians know, it can be a challenge to raise your kids to embrace God's truth within a secular - and sometimes hostile - environment. Over thirteen years, I helped to organize parents to fight comprehensive sex-ed, created an abstinence-only program, fought for students’ free speech rights and a parent’s right to opt kids out of material they find objectionable at school. Little did I realize that this was a time of preparation. As we read in Luke 12:35-38, “Be dressed in readiness, and keep your lamps lit.” These battles were, for myself and my family, invitations to grow in courage and boldness.

Last year the invitation to engage came again.  I received word that the grade school would be teaching children from kindergarten to fifth grade about transgenderism in order to “accommodate” a kindergarten student who was confused about their sex. It was heartbreaking to hear that this child was being encouraged to live as the opposite sex and it was equally heartbreaking to hear that our school was willing to teach every single student that such confusion is something to celebrate. Genesis 1:27 so clearly tells us the truth of our bodies, and more fundamentally our selves: “God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Our sex is not what we do, the clothes we wear, or the things we enjoy -- it’s who we are. That’s what our children deserve to hear and that’s especially what children who struggle with their accepting their bodies need to hear.

Gender Confusion is Heartbreaking
-Not a Call to Celebration-

With these sentiments in our hearts, parents at our school shed their apprehension of involvement in school politics. Over one hundred parents gave their time, talents and energy in defense of the truth. We attended board meetings, wrote letters to the editor, met with administrators and enlisted the help of Minnesota Family Council in hosting an event that presented the truth about the transgender movement. We spoke to the media, we signed petitions and we testified at the legislature. Some parents were, like me, prepared for this battle. But others were blessed with courage and boldness just by saying “yes” and joining in the fight for the first time ever.

Though we gave it our all, the school ultimately made the dangerous decision to implement what is known as a “gender inclusion” policy. This policy allows students to use the locker rooms, showers and bathrooms of the opposite sex, allows students to wear the uniforms of the opposite sex, and intentionally keeps parents in the dark when a student of the opposite sex will be sharing locker rooms with their children.

This is a problem the size of Goliath, but we can’t give up the fight.  Psalm 112:7 encourages us to persevere, strengthened by faith: “He is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.” We know God doesn’t make mistakes and we know our true identity lies in Christ. It’s our duty and our privilege to pass that onto our children, even if it means speaking at a school board meeting, reviewing the books in their classroom, or having an uncomfortable conversation with administrators.

My “yes” to God has paved the way to my involvement in a project led by MFC called Ask Me First MN, which provides opportunities to develop a better understanding of transgender ideology and everything it seeks to undermine: Chiefly the appreciation of the gift of our body, safety and privacy rights, and respect for the differences between men and women. Ask Me First MN also encourages engagement in the public square to advance policies that protect safety, privacy and dignity for all. Telling our stories and taking action in a spirit of loving concern are key to healing confused hearts and minds. Ask Me First MN is an opportunity to speak out in defense of God’s most beautiful creation: men and women.

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