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Why We Keep Marching

By Meredith Campbell, Director of Public Policy
Minnesota Family Council

It seems there are a number of marches these days. Women’s marches, immigrant marches, marches against the President’s cabinet nominees. People are marching so often, some may even feel left out if their cause doesn't take to the streets.

Though I'm not usually one to hit the pavement, preferring instead to work behind the scenes, I found myself on the steps of the State Capitol participating in this year's annual March for Life (organized by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life) a few Sundays ago.

There we were: 5,000 or so of us, shuffling along the sidewalks, waving “PROTECT LIFE” signs, and cheering on speakers who enthusiastically advocated the importance of pro-life, pro-family values.

In these dim times, we need to be lights shining brightly
in a world that's pulling the curtains on life.

That’s what drove me to join thousands of strangers dedicated to a single, crucial cause.

On the heels of the so-called "women’s" march the previous day, where some women were excluded from participation due to their pro-life stances, the March for Life was a breath of fresh air that many had attempted to suffocate.

An honest discussion of women’s rights, of human rights, must begin with acknowledging the most fundamental human right: the right to life.

Because human life is a gift from God, it is sacred and must be protected at all stages.  We are responsible to protect the life and dignity of the most vulnerable in our society – the unborn, disabled and elderly.

Where the enemy exists to steal, kill and destroy,
Jesus came to give life – and give it abundantly.

Minnesota Family Council is thrilled to continue working with legislators who have worked diligently to pursue pro-life initiatives, often in the face of fierce adversity from their colleagues and the public. There are many champions in both the Minnesota House and Senate who are advancing pro-life legislation this session. Please keep them in your prayers. Although the pro-life majorities in both the Minnesota House and Senate are encouraging, Governor Dayton has signaled he will veto any pro-life legislation that makes its way to his desk and Planned Parenthood advocate, Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith, still threatens any efforts to defund or investigate the abortion giant.

That’s why we march for the unborn, vulnerable and voiceless.
We march for their rights, protection, health, freedom and prosperity. 

Please join us as we keep marching for life abundant.


Published on by Stephani Liesmaki.