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Men in Women’s Sports: 15 Examples

By Josh Bailey, MFC Communications Intern

Attempts to erase differences between the sexes always has a profoundly negative effect on women and girls.

This is incredibly apparent in women's sports when men who identify as women are allowed to compete in them:

  1. In 1998, a Swedish man who now goes by Mianne Bagger competed as an amateur women’s golfer, winning four titles. Bagger later competed in a women’s pro golf tournament.

  2. In 2001, a male professional downhill biker who changed his name to Michelle Dumaresq and identifies as a female created controversy when he started winning races. Dumaresq placed 24th at the women’s world championship. Although barred from competing as a woman in the Olympics at that time, Dumaresq’s attempt led to controversy and in 2003, the IOC chose to allow "transgender" athletes to compete in the Olympics for the first time.

  3. In 2010, male professional golfer Lana Lawless sued the LPGA to compete as a woman in the world championship.

  4. In 2012, 50-year-old man Gabrielle Ludwig (born Robert Ludwig) joined Mission College’s women’s basketball team in California.

  5. In 2013 Women’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor Alaina Hardie revealed that, biologically, he was a man.

  6. In 2014, Jaiyah Saelua became the first man identifying as a woman to play soccer in the World Cup Qualifier

  7. In July 2015, Sylvia Castaneda – a man who identified as a female – won the Women’s division of Vittoria Eastern States Cup.

  8. In 2015, a man identifying as Savannah Burton played for Canada’s Women’s dodgeball team in the World Dodgeball Championship.

  9. In 2015, MMA competitor Fallon Fox, born a man, demolished a female opponent by TKO at 2:17 of the first round of the match.

  10. In 2015 Matt Kroczaleski legally changed his name to Janae Kroc. During his career, Kroc served as a Marine and later on Presidential Security. He went on to become a powerlifter and bodybuilder, setting a powerlifting world record in the 220 lbs. class in 2009. Since his "transition", he has begun training to compete in women's triathlons.

  11. In November of 2016, Jillian Bearden – a biological man who identifies as a woman – won the El Tour de Tucson women’s cycling race in Arizona. 

  12. In March 2017, New Zealand man Gavin “Laurel” Hubbard won a Women’s weightlifting competition, bumping two women from their Olympic qualifying slots.

  13. Rachel McKinnon, born male, has been competitively biking in women's competitions for the past three years. He has won 26 of the 72 races he competed in.

  14. Natalie Van Gogh, born male, currently competes as a female professional cyclist.

  15. Cate McGregor is a former Lt. Col. in the Australian Defense Force who now plays elite cricket in the Women’s Big Bash League, identifying as a 60-year-old woman.

What about men playing in women's sports is fair?

Published on by Joshua Bailey.