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Open the door. It's your house.

By Stephani Liesmaki, MFC Director of Communications

Around every corner they stood. Giant, closed wooden doors blocked every entrance. Not one stood open. I couldn't help but wonder who I would find if I opened those doors and what happened behind them.

I was a teenager then, but still remember the unexpected words of our tour guide, "This is the people's house. It's your house. These doors are not closed to you. Open them."

And that's exactly what we did the rest of the day. We opened doors.

We opened doors to schedule appointments with legislators, to submit notes for delivery to our Representatives on the House Floor, to listen to men and women share about their journey into elected office, and to watch live legislative developents in committee hearings, floor sessions, and research departments.

The way we understand, engage, and pray for governing authorities
dramatically changes the day we start opening doors.

You and I live in a democracy and have the privilege and responsibility of electing those who will represent us in government. However, democracy doesn't end at the ballot box. It begins there. We have the privilege and responsibility of developing relationships with and influencing those whom we elect. To do so, we need to get comfortable with our house and the individuals who represent us there.

SEVEN steps you can take to OPEN DOORS into the legislative process, relationships with elected officials, and the people's house:

  1. TOUR the MN State Capitol Building, MN State Office Building, MN Senate Building, and the Judicial Building by participating in one of our St. Paul 101 tours. Email for more information.
  2. Schedule a MEETING with your state Representative and state Senator. Find out who represents you here. Share your gratitude for their willingness to represent you in this challenging public service role.
  3. WATCH a live House and Senate session from the gallery or online. Most floor sessions are open to the public. 
  4. Send a NOTE to your legislator on the House or Senate Floor by giving a House or Senate Page your note. They will deliver the note to your legislator.
  5. Let your legislators know what issues you care about and then CONTACT them when you feel that certain pieces of legislation need to be supported or opposed.
  6. Keep INFORMED and ENGAGED on life, family, and religious freedom issues in the MN Senate and MN House via Minnesota Family Council's emails, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and website
  7. Ask your Representative and Senator if there is anything specific they would like you to pray for. Then, PLEASE PRAY for them!

Your Representative and Senator cannot represent you in government if they don't know who you are, what you stand for, and what your values are. This legislative session, take a wise tour guide's advice,

"This is the people's house. It's your house.
These doors are not closed to you. Open them."


Published on by Stephani Liesmaki.