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Why Am I Here?

By Cheryl Peterson, Event Coordinator

Have you ever wondered why God has placed you where you are in life? I have often asked that question. Many times I have wondered where I will be in the future. Everything we do in life is preparation for something to come. Minnesota Family Council's 2017 Annual Dinner with Eric Metaxas will be an evening of clarification for a future step many guests will choose to take. Have you registered yet? When you do, it's a step toward something. Have you considered inviting someone to the dinner? This could be the perfect opportunity to start them down a new path. Don’t be afraid to open doors for others, it is their responsibility to see if this is something God is leading them into. 

This year will be the 13th Annual Dinner that I have helped coordinate for Minnesota Family Council.  The best part of each dinner is interaction with you, our guests. I love when you call in to purchase tickets or a table or share needs so that I can be in prayer for you. It's a blessing getting to know you, before the dinner even begins! I always look forward with anticipation to the night of the dinner, hoping that we will get a chance to connect in person! 

When you join us for the dinner I really hope that you feel part of the family at Minnesota Family Council and Institute. It’s an opportunity for you to really get to know us. We look forward to your attendance all year because we get an opportunity to fellowship with YOU. It’s not just a fund-raiser. It’s a friend-raiser. We share our vision for the present and future while also reflecting on how God’s purposes for Minnesota unfolded over the past year. 

Please don’t be afraid to walk through open doors or open doors for others. You may be God's tool to prompt someone to consider something new for his glory! I pray that this evening will encourage and inspire you and those you invite to continue to be a light shining in the darkness! 

Published on by Stephani Liesmaki.