About Us

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Ask Me First MN is a project of Family Policy Alliance in partnership with family policy groups nationwide. For more information about the national Ask Me First project, click HERE.

We support efforts to strengthen and honor God’s unique and beautiful design for men and women.

Ask Me First MN is an opportunity for men, women, children, families and churches in Minnesota to learn more about the transgender issue and engage winsomely to advance policies that protect the privacy and safety rights of all.

We began our work in 2016 after sex began to be  misinterpreted as  “gender identity” began replacing the word sex in legislation and school policies across the nation, eradicating privacy rules, sexual distinctions and sex-based protections. Women and children stood to lose the most in these battles over sex and gender, as sex-specific facilities like gym showers and locker rooms are eliminated and as public schools are targeted by a radical social agenda. Minnesota parents, especially moms, have decided that enough is enough and are mobilizing to get the word out that gender ideology doesn’t belong in our schools or our laws.

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Transgender ideology is based on theories that aren’t grounded in science, medicine, or Scriptural truth about man and woman. These theories are fundamentally harmful to all, including those who identify as transgender or struggle with gender dysphoria. It is our goal to advocate for the truth of human sexual identity with compassion and charity.