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What's the Situation?

A-H school board members continue to receive significant pressure from LGBT activists to modify their current pro-privacy facility practices. Board members need to be reminded of the THOUSANDS of parents and students who strongly support the district's current pro-privacy practices that ensure privacy to 100% of their students!

Presently, Anoka-Hennepin school administrators work on a case-by-case basis with students who struggle with biological realities to ensure the privacy, safety and dignity of all students inside of private facilities. Students who identify as transgender usually request single-user facility accommodations, which A-H public schools grant. This practice ensures that privacy, safety and dignity will be extended to all students inside of changing rooms, restrooms and showers. Anoka-Hennepin should be applauded for this approach, not bullied into allowing mixed-sex access into private facilities.

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It is the responsibility of school board members and administrators to implement facility policies that compassionately accommodate students who struggle with biological realities, without compromising the privacy, safety and dignity of all other students.

Anoka-Hennepin school board members make decisions for the largest school district in Minnesota, consisting of nearly 40,000 public school students. Urge them to carefully consider the example they set for the rest of the state. Ask them to take student privacy in changing rooms, restrooms and showers as seriously as you do by clicking below to send a pre-written email to them:

The Trump Administration made a common sense decision on February 22 to rescind a coercive "guidance" letter issued almost a year ago by the Obama Administration. The letter directed schools to grant student access to changing rooms, showers, housing and restrooms based on gender preference rather than biological sex - or risk the loss of federal funding.

As a result of the Trump Administration's decision to rescind that letter, school board members no longer face federal funding threats and have EVERY reason to acknowledge the legitimate privacy concerns raised by millions of parents and students nationwide and implement policies based on biological sex, for the privacy of ALL students.

What's Happening in Anoka-Hennepin?

Why Take Up this Issue NOW? Now that public schools are free to determine their own policies again, a public school mom in the Anoka-Hennepin School District is pressuring Coon Rapids High School administrators to allow her teenager, born female but now identifying as male, access into boys' changing room facilities.

Same Protections Extend to ALL Students: Because bathrooms, changing rooms and showers are built to meet intimate biological needs, they should be designated based on biological realities. These policies apply to everyone in the same way in order to extend the same privacy protections to every student.

Accommodations Already Serve ALL Students: Coon Rapids High School administrators already provide separate, private facilities to accommodate any student who feels uncomfortable using private spaces based on their biological sex. This ensures the privacy, safety and dignity of ALL students, including those who identify as transgender.

Parents Take Student Privacy VERY Seriously: Parents organized under the name 'Privacy Matters' in Virginia, MN filed a lawsuit against their school district when school administrators refused to ensure their students' privacy according to biological realties. They recently withdrew the lawsuit, in part due to the school's decision to reestablish private spaces based on biology. Anoka-Hennepin High School board members have a responsibility to continue implementing policies that assure parents and students that biological privacy matters and is worth protecting. 

Pro-Privacy Parents FLOODED March 20th Meeting: On March 20th, hundreds of pro-privacy parents and concerned citizens flooded the Anoka-Hennepin public school board's meeting to attend and testify in support of practices that designate locker rooms, restrooms and showers according to biological sex and in opposition to mixed-sex access to intimate spaces. The board responded to testimony by indicating that they planned to maintain their current pro-privacy practices. Read Minnesota Family Council's press release here. Listen to discussion on A-H board meeting outcome on Kinship Christian Radio here.

LGBT Activists Plan to Apply Pressure in April: Many LGBT activists plan to attend the April Anoka-Hennepin school board meeting. We are not encouraging families in our network to attend en masse, as we believe the majority of pro-privacy attendance and testimony presented on March 20th clearly communicated a compassionate pro-privacy position that accurately represented the desires of the vast majority of families in Anoka-Hennepin. Parents want school board members to continue ensuring their children's privacy, safety and dignity by designating changing rooms, restrooms and showers according to biological sex while at the same time making compassionate accommodations for students struggling with biological realities by providing them single-user facilities.

While we are not rallying attendance for the upcoming board meeting in April, we are urging individuals and families statewide to support board members' current pro-privacy practices by emailing them HERE. We've created a pre-written email that you can send to the entire A-H board:

More Information on Trump Administration's Decision to Rescind Obama Administration's Coercive "Guidance" Letter:

If you are unfamiliar with the Trump Administration's decision regarding changing rooms, showers, restrooms and housing access at public schools, watch the video to the left.