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A pro-privacy project of Minnesota Family Council

Information, stories and engagement that highlight the need for safety and privacy in women-only spaces

There’s a growing trend to allow men to enter women’s spaces — public changing rooms, bathrooms, showers and housing accommodations. It’s crucial that decision-makers take interest in hearing from the women and girls who will be most impacted by these rules—to learn how they feel about it.

Key decision makers have a responsibility to hear and respond appropriately to the stories and perspectives women and girls are sharing nationwide. Ask Me First Minnesota creates opportunities for men, women, children, families, churches, teachers, students, and pro-privacy groups in Minnesota to learn more about safety and privacy rights and to engage winsomely to advance policies that protect those rights for all.


Because God called humans “very good” when he created them “male and female,” with confidence we are urging Minnesotans to embrace this binary distinction, advocate for privacy by designating private spaces based on biological sex, lovingly expose the delusion of “gender identity,” and extend compassionate accommodations to individuals struggling with biological realities. Such accommodations can be made in a manner that ensures privacy, safety and dignity of everyone.

Minnesota Family Council launched Ask Me First MN  in 2016 to halt  efforts to replace sex with "gender identity" in legislation and school policies in both Minnesota across the nation. Wherever sex is replaced by and misinterpreted as "gender identity" privacy is eradicated, and sexual distinctions and sex-based protections diminish.


We recognized that women and children stood to lose the most in these battles over sex and gender, as sex-specific facilities like gym showers and locker rooms are eliminated and as public schools are targeted by this radical social agenda. Minnesota parents, especially moms, have decided that enough is enough and are mobilizing to get the word out that gender ideology doesn’t belong in our schools or our laws.

Transgender ideology is based on theories that aren’t grounded in science, medicine, or Scripture. These theories are fundamentally harmful to all, including those who identify as transgender or struggle with gender dysphoria. It is our goal to advocate for the truth of human sexual identity with compassion and truth. 

Available Now: Parent Resource Guide

Ask Me First MN has developed a new resource, our Parent Resource Guide, to educate and equip parents so they can engage positively and constructively with their child's school officials regarding the transgender trend

The Parent Resource Guide clarifies confusing terminology, describes the health consequences of the transgender trend, debunks popular myths, and offers a wealth of constructive ideas for parents who want to work with their schools to foster a truly inclusive school climate. Click below to order your copy of the Parent Resource Guide:

Ask Me First MN is a project of Minnesota Family Council in partnership with Family Policy Alliance.