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Details on Votes:

[1] Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortion (HJ 4105 4/27/09; HJ p. 4075 4/20/07). Prohibit the use of MN taxpayer monies to pay for abortions under state-sponsored health programs. MFC supported this amendment.

[2] Offer Pregnant Women Opportunity to See Ultrasound of Unborn Child (HJ p. 10065 4/10/08). A vote to require physicians show a woman considering an abortion an ultrasound picture of her unborn child. MFC supported this amendment giving a woman the right to view an ultrasound picture of her unborn child before having an abortion.

[3] Require Parental Approval for Child Participation in State Mandated Condom Education Programs (HJ p. 10819 5/28/08)A vote to require state mandated sex education programs obtain parental approval before their child participates in these programs. MFC supported this amendment requiring parental consent before their children participated in state mandated condom education.

[4] Provide Abstinence Until marriage Alternative to Contraceptive Education (HJ p. 3984 4/18/07).

[5] Require Parental Notice before Dispensing Oral Contraceptives to Minors (HJ p. 4308 4/20/07).

[6] Give Married Couples Priority in Adoption Placement (HJ p. 4313 4/20/07).

[7] Authorize Local Governments to Grant Domestic Partner Benefits (HJ p. 12216 5/15/08) A vote to authorize cities, towns, counties and schools to grant marriage-equivalent benefits to homosexual partners of government employees. MFC opposed this bill authorizing local governments to redefine the family.