Contact Your MSHSL Board Member

Your Board Member Needs to Hear from YOU

The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) Board is set to decide on their "transgender policy" at their Board Meeting on December 4th. 

Have they heard from you recently?

Please take a few moments to email, call, or write the Board member who represents you TODAY to urge them to reject their proposed "transgender policy" to protect a fair, safe, and healthy playing field for ALL student athletes!

Before the Board's October Board Meeting, the MSHSL received OVER 10,000 EMAILS (plus calls and letters!) from concerned parents, students, and school officials! As a result, the Board did NOT pass the "transgender policy" they planned to. 

Now, the Board says December 4th is when they'll make their final decision. Our work is not done yet!

Find the Board Member who represents you below (and their contact info)!

Talking Points

Need some help with your talking points in your letter or email to your MSHSL Board Member?


  1. Such a policy is NOT (repeat NOT) required under state or federal law.

  2. This policy will affect both public AND private schools--and HOMESCHOOLED students who participate in public or private school athletics. There is NO exemption for religious schools or religious students.

  3. The policy allows transgender boys to play on girls’ sports teams and transgender girls to play on boys’ teams with no safety provisions for physical disparities.

  4. The policy will almost certainly lead to biological boys being able to access girls’ locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, and hotel rooms (and vice versa).

  5. The policy contains NO privacy protections for students.

  6. The policy leaves schools vulnerable to lawsuits for violations of students’ privacy rights and religious freedom rights.

  7. The process for developing this policy has lacked transparency, bringing only one viewpoint to the table, despite requests and offers for participation from other viewpoints.

Find Your MSHSL Board Member's Contact Information:

Find your school listed below. Schools are listed in alphabetical order by region. 

The MSHSL Board Member who represents your school is included at the top of each list, with contact information.

Send him/her an email or take some time to give him/her a quick call. Urge them to reject the "transgender policy" and explain the importance of students playing on teams that correspond with their birth gender (with the exception that already exists under state law for girls to try out for boys' teams) for safety and fairness reasons.


Representing: 1-2A
Scott McCready

W: 507-932-4420

Representing: 3-4A
Bob Grey

W: 320-269-6446 x3261

Representing: 5-6A
Emmett Keenan

w. 320-257-2130

Representing: 7-8A
Chad Stoskopf

w. 218-879-1909

Representing: 1-2AA
Tom Graupmann

w. 507-663-0633


Representing: 3-4AA
Troy Urdahl

w. 612-706-1105

Representing: 5-6AA
Dan Johnson

W: 952-988-4692

Representing: 7-8AA
Mike Olson

W: 320-616-2203