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Donate to Minnesota Family Council or Minnesota Family Institute

Minnesota Family Council (MFC) and Minnesota Family Institute (MFI) are supported 100% by the generous donations of individuals, families, businesses and churches. We are allies with our supporters in a shared mission to strengthen the family and transform the state of Minnesota by advancing biblical principles in the public arena. Thank you for your partnership!

Minnesota Family Council (MFC)

Gifts to Minnesota Family Council are NOT tax-deductible. These dollars allow MFC to promote biblically based pro-family policy at the Capitol and throughout the state, and support Christ-centered statesmen and stateswomen for the ministry of elected office to rebuild a foundation of godly civil leadership in our state.

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Minnesota Family Institute (MFI)

Gifts to Minnesota Family Institute ARE tax-deductible. They enable MFI to equip Christian citizens as a winsome, biblical voice in our culture, partner with churches and other allies to restore a culture of marriage and family rooted in God's design, and develop young Christian leaders to transform Minnesota's future.

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Donations to MFC or MFI are not earmarked or reserved for any political committee or fund.