Congressional District 2

Q: Just how extreme is politician Angie Craig?

There’s an obvious reason why liberal DFL candidate Angie Craig has been busy directing a multi-million dollar negative campaign against Republican Jason Lewis in Minnesota’s 2nd congressional district.  She can’t afford to talk about her positions on the issues vital to 2nd district residents.

You may have heard how Craig has not only doubled-down in her support for Obamacare, bizarrely asserting ‘it didn’t go far enough,” but she has also called the energy-jobs killing Clean Power Plan ‘a good start.’ The fact is while Craig pretends to be a moderate, she actually hails from the Bernie Sanders Progressive Caucus wing of the Democratic Party--whose endorsement she was ‘humbled and gratified’ to earn.

A: Dangerously Radical

But now comes the most glaring example of just how radical Angie Craig really is. In a recent debate, Craig implied that government should be able to force individuals and businesses to compromise their ‘sincerely held’ religious beliefs - even though they are protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and were upheld by the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. Yet when Lewis pressed her on the issue, Craig shot back, “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

But not only does Craig support this unconstitutional intervention for businesses, she has even suggested that government should dictate the moral conscience of churches. Writing as an editor of The Daily Helmsman, she wrote in a commentary entitled 'Society, church should accept pre-marital sex, homosexuality':

“What upset me...was that the church refused to give blessings to relationships outside boundaries set by the church..."

What’s so disturbing about Craig’s view is that it goes well beyond civil marriage laws and into the private affairs of a church--striking at the heart of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Forcing churches or denominations to bless worldviews that contradict church teachings will have a dangerous and chilling effect on religious liberty and freedom of thought.

And take a look at who her FRIENDS are: 

Angie Craig’s major donors and endorsements include radical pro-abortion and anti-religious freedom groups like… 

NARAL Pro-Choice America

Planned Parenthood

Emily’s List

Outfront Minnesota Action

Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus

Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

We strongly oppose discrimination against anyone
born or unborn, believing or unbelieving, LGBT or straight.

With friends like these it appears that
Angie Craig is NOT a FRIEND
to your family, your values, or your freedom.

Angie Craig needs to level with the voters in the 2nd Congressional District and clearly state whether she agrees with 225 years of American jurisprudence on the free exercise of religion, or whether she will use government power to violate it.

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