This morning, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Carl and Angel Larsen, St. Cloud videographers whose right to tell stories that reflect their deeply-held religious beliefs was thrown into question after a district court decision last year, can now proceed in their battle.

This is great news for religious freedom! The Larsens, who were featured guests at our COURAGE TO STAND event earlier this year, are not just ordinary videographers. They want to tell a story with each video they create - and they want to honor God in the process. But under Minnesota’s draconian “anti-discrimination laws” they could face jail time if they choose not to film same-sex weddings!

That’s why the Larsens challenged the Minnesota Department of Human Rights in Court, and today the 8th Circuit ruled that their lawsuit has merit and can proceed. The legal road is long, but we’re rejoicing with the Larsens - their courage to stand up for what they believe is being rewarded!

Please join us in thanking God for this ruling, and for the freedom of religion we enjoy, the “first freedom” on which all our freedoms depend!

Read a summary of the ruling from Alliance Defending Freedom here.