Shine as a Light

Be a LIGHT at Your Precinct Caucus Meeting on February 6th!

Precinct caucuses are just around the corner! At these neighborhood gatherings on February 6th, you  have an opportunity to TURN THE LIGHT ON in Minnesota by engaging as faithful citizens alongside of your neighbors! Will you PLEDGE to ATTEND your precinct caucus meeting on February 6th:

Watch the video below for answers to your questions:

What is a precinct caucus?
What happens at a precinct caucus meeting?
Why should Christians participate?

At precinct caucuses on Tuesday, February 6 and polling booths on Tuesday, November 6, you’ve got an opportunity to TURN THE LIGHT ON in Minnesota by engaging as faithful citizens in Minnesota! Click below to find your local precinct caucus meeting location:

Selection of Delegates:

At your local precinct caucus, you will have an opportunity to choose delegates or to be elected as a delegate. Delegates represent their precinct's candidate preferences at subsequent party meetings leading up to elections on November 6, 2018. If you do not have a preferred candidate at this time, you can choose to run as an “uncommitted” delegate, alowing yourself time to decide and later support the candidate of your choice at subsesquent party meetings.

Proposing Resolutions:

At your local precinct caucus, attendees will have an opportunity to submit and vote on resolutions to strengthen your political party's platform. For three resolutions recommended by Minnesota Family Council, see following heading further down this webpage.

Listen careful as resolutions are submitted to make sure they reflect your values and your faith. Be alert! If someone at your precinct caucus attempts to change language via resolutions in a way that does not reflect your values- speak up! Strong platform language can function to educate candidates and can be used to hold candidates (and elect officials, once in office) accountable to party principles. 

Any caucus participant may propose a resolution. If you choose to submit one or more resolutions, you will need to print and fill out the appropriate form for the political party of your choice (DFL Resolutions’ Form and GOP Resolutions’ Form). To propose a resolution:

1) Simply stand to be recognized by the chair and say, "I move this precinct support the following resolution."

2) Then read your resolution.

If your resolution passes, it will be forwarded to the Resolutions Committee of the county or legislative district convention. If it is adopted there, the same process is repeated at the congressional district and state level conventions. Your resolution adopted at your local caucus may become part of your political party's platform.

Minnesota Family Council's Recommended Resolutions:

Below are three resolutions Minnesota Family Council recommends submitting at your precinct caucus meeting:

1) A Resolution in Support of Students' Rights to Privacy, Safety, and Free Speech

2) A Resolution Recognizing Pornography as a Public Health Hazard Leading to a Broad Spectrum of Individual and Societal Harms

3) A Resolution in Support of Religious Freedom and Rights of Conscience 

4) A Resolution Against the Legalization of Assisted Suicide in Minnesota and Renewing Minnesota's Commitment to Improving Care