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Education, the opportunity to use the brain and skills God instilled in each of us to better our understanding of His world and our role in it, is a gift we are blessed with in the United States. We thrive as a society when parents have the ability to oversee the education best suited for their children’s safety and success. The fundamental, God-given responsibility for the education of children resides with their parents, not the state.  God has commanded parents to bring up their children in the education and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4, Deuteronomy 6:7).

Public schools should operate with the understanding that parents ultimately bear the responsibility for raising children.  Abdication of that responsibility by some parents should not be used as a basis for infringing upon the rights of parents who are carrying out this God-given responsibility. Further, the right of parents to direct the moral education of their children should never depend upon their ability to homeschool or pay for private education.

We support efforts to strengthen and protect the role of private and homeschools, and we support efforts to strengthen the right of parents to choose the type of school best suited for their children’s safety and success. We oppose any attempts of the state to thwart the fundamental right of parents to hold ultimate authority for the education of their children, and we particularly oppose sexual education as an infringement upon the right of parents to teach their children the sensitive topics of human sexuality and bringing forth new life.


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