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We believe first and foremost that every human life is created in the image and likeness of God and that the miracle of birth is a God-given gift.

The commercial surrogacy industry turns the God-given process of creating life into a mere business transaction, turns women and their bodies into commodities, and makes children products for sale. Like the prostitution and human trafficking industries, the surrogacy industry requires women to provide bodily services for money, and the “product” for sale is a newborn baby.

While the pain of infertility is deep, we do not believe that every means of achieving parenthood justifies the end. Because children are a gift from God, we believe there is no “human right” to a child, and children are not for sale.

There are many other serious unaddressed concerns surrounding the process of commercial surrogacy that have yet to be addressed, including:  the potential risks to the emotional and physical wellbeing of children born by surrogacy; the potential emotional and physical health risks to women whose bodies are used for surrogacy; the ethical and legal implications of  turning economically or emotionally vulnerable women into a breeder class for the wealthy; the serious prolife concerns regarding whether or not surrogacy contracts can include abortion clauses; and the questions over what happens to a child whose “intended parents” decide they do not want him or her. 

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