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“God created mankind in His own image…male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:27) We believe that the Bible speaks clearly to God’s design for those made in His own image, men and women. 

He created two distinct genders, each to be complementary to the other, and each to play a distinct role in His creation (Genesis 1:26-30, 2:7-24). He designed the relationship between one man and one woman to be unique among all others as the proper place for romantic, sexual love and for creating new life. 

We believe that attempts to alter or live contrarily to one’s God-given gender are distortions both of God’s design for humankind and of practical reality—and evidence our brokenness as human beings. We support efforts to strengthen and honor God’s unique design for men and women, and oppose efforts that encourage and celebrate the lie that gender can (and should) be changed like an outfit without consequence.

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