LEAD 2020

House Track


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Highschool students 13-19 years of age

  • Entering 9th grade or have just completed 12th grade

  • First-time Students

Designed to challenge students to understand and apply biblical principles to current issues, the House Track gives students the chance to wrestle through current issues in a safe environment. First-time students are sworn-in as members of the House of Representatives. Students learn the responsibilities of citizenship and how to work from all sides of an issue.

Senate Track


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Alumni entering 10th grade or have just completed 12th grade

Returning students go to a new level of developing their leadership skills. This advanced track takes the challenge a step farther by using the amendment process to sharpen strategy abilities and deepen critical thinking and communication skills.

Media Track


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Third Year Alumni or Alumni Upper Classmen

  • Submit the Media Application after completing initial registration (online or mail-in). This application will be emailed to students who select the Media Track in their registration.

In the Media Track, students role-play as journalists and TV reporters, covering all the highlights of LEAD. Media students learn to conduct interviews with VIP’s, such as MN Representatives and MN Senators. Their work is printed in a daily newspaper and aired in 2-3 broadcasts during the week.

Mock Trial Track


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Third Year Alumni or Alumni Upperclassmen

Through instruction and coaching from talented attorneys, students study elements of our legal system. They participate in mock criminal and civil trials before a jury of peers, and real judges, who critique team strategy and individual presentation skills following each trial.


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