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Back to School: Guarding Your Child's Heart & Mind

Back to School:

Guarding Your Child's Heart & Mind

Dear Parents & Grandparents, 

Sadly, a lot can happen without your knowledge in the many hours your kids are away from you at school. 

As parents, we are not only ultimately responsible for our children's education, we are also accountable to God for how we direct the education of the children entrusted to us. It is absolutely critical for parents to be proactive when it comes to the education of their children.  

As your kids head back to school this year, we hope you will find these resources helpful as you prayerfully guard your children's hearts and minds this year.  

In Christ, 

The Minnesota Family Council Team

Transgender Activism in Schools

  • Did you know the Minnesota State High School League's "transgender student athlete policy" goes into effect this school year?

    Find out how this will impact YOUR child, whether they go to public or private school, with MFC's legal breakdown HERE.
  • Have you asked your child's school to make sure bathrooms & locker rooms continue to be separated based on biological sex?

    No matter the type of school your child attends, talk with school officials about how they plan to handle requests from transgender students to use the facilities of the opposite biological sex. 

    Please feel free to call our office for further information or to be referred to legal counsel for your child's school: 612.789.8811

    Urge your school board to pass Alliance Defending Freedom's "Student Physical Privacy Policy" to protect your child's privacy rights. Get other parents to join with you in talking to your school board!

    Download & print a copy of the Student Physical Privacy Policy!

Protecting Your Child's Religious Freedom in School

  • Do you know what your child's religious freedom rights are in school?  What about yours as a parent?

    Our allied attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom have created a Guide to Religious Freedom in Public Schools. Students don't have to leave their faith at home when they head back to the classroom!

    Check out the Student Religious Freedom Guide HERE.
  • Thriving Values:  Religious Freedom

    Focus on the Family has a free Religious Freedom Kit, including a section on public schools!  Download your free copy HERE. 

Parent Resources

  • Guarding Your Child's Heart & Mind

    MFC's tool with 10 pro-active steps parents can take as they strive to guard the hearts and minds of their children attending school. Tips for keeping an eye on curriculum, knowing the impact of Minnesota laws, the right questions to ask teachers and administrators.

    Access your "Guarding Your Child's Heart & Mind" guide HERE.
  • Back-to-School Challenges

    Focus on the Family's "Back to School Challenges" includes tips for managing this time of transition, schedules, and cultivating a love for learning.

    Access HERE.

Special Focus:  2015-16 Seniors

  • High School Senior, Prepare to Launch

    Bethlehem College & Seminary created a great piece of advice for high school seniors. Be share to share this with the Senior in your life!

    Here's a teaser:  "your goal—both for this year and for your time in college—should be to become dangerous...." 

    Check it out HERE

Our mission is to nurture and defend families by restoring biblical truth in our culture. We do this by strengthening coalitions of likeminded partners, including pastors, ministry leaders, allied organizations, and statesmen and stateswomen; equipping Christian citizens as a winsome, biblical voice to transform Minnesota culture; advancing biblically based, pro-family policy throughout the state; and supporting Christ-centered statesmen and stateswomen to rebuild a foundation of godly civil leadership in our state.

 Will you join with us so that we can all help turn the Light back on in Minnesota?


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