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Can you help the students protesting at the U of M today?

Can you help out the students protesting at the U of M today?

University of Minnesota students are raising very serious questions regarding purchases of baby body parts for research from Advance BioScience Recourses (ABR), a  company that purchases aborted baby parts from abortion clinics for resale to research institutions and admits to having a clinic in Minnesota.


According to purchase order documentation from the University obtained by Alpha News, U of M researchers purchased baby body parts from ABR from 2008-2014.


In case you haven't heard about this, check out this piece:

UM BUYS BABY PARTS: LUNGS ($175), LIVER ($325), PANCREAS ($325)...


Students are now petitioning for an investigation and clarification of U of M policy, asking President Kaler and the Board of Regents to abide by the highest possible standard of ethical conduct with regard to research on campus. 


Issues raised by the students include the need for an investigation to determine:

  1. Whether state and/or federal law was broken through the course of University research on fetal remains; 
  2. Appropriate consequences if any laws were broken; and
  3. Whether aborted fetal remains were used in research. 

he students also seek a change in the current U of M fetal tissue research policy so that it strictly prohibits the use of aborted fetal remains for research, specifies the process the U of M will use to ensure its policy is followed, and makes crystal clear the boundaries of human fetal tissue research for the University. 


Abby Marino, U of M junior and student spokesperson for the protest, shared her call to the University:


“We are here today because we hold our university accountable for its policies, action, and research conduct. The University’s policy regarding fetal tissue research is now potentially a legal issue that concerns all students, alumni, and those supporting the University in any capacity. Not only are we able to question the University's interactions with ABR, a fetal tissue procurement company with a long history of purchasing & selling aborted baby parts---it is also our prerogative as tuition and tax payers to ask for an investigation into the University’s use of fetal tissue for research to ensure the University meets the highest ethical and legal standards, and to clarify and strengthen their fetal tissue research policy so that there will be no further issues.” 

Will you join these students and help them out?


Join the students protesting the U of M:

When:  TODAY at 4PM

Where:  Meet at the corner of East River Rd. & SE Harvard St.
(near UM Medical Center complex) 

FAQ's About the U of M Protest:

  1. Who's leading the protest?

    Students, with the help of Pro-Life Action Ministries and Minnesota Family Council!

  2. Who should come to the protest (can non-students come)?

    *All students from the U of M and surrounding colleges
    *Parents who have students at U of M
    *U of M Alumni
    *Anyone who has paid taxes in Minnesota

  3. Can I bring signs to the protest?

    Sure!  Here's some ideas the students like:

    1) Question for Kaler! 

       Can you explain $175 lungs, $325 liver, & $325    pancreas?

    2) Lets make this crystal clear here: UMN and ABR?

    3) Investigate before it's too late!

    4) Research on fetal tissue - a legal issue?

What else can you do?

Before you come to the protest today (or after!), please take a few moments to send a letter to the U of M President & Regents, asking them to change their policy on performing research on baby body parts--and ask them to investigate where the baby parts they used for research came from.


The letter has already been written for you!  You simply have to fill in your return address information, and our system will send it for you!

CLICK HERE to send your letter to the U of M President & Regents.

Thank you for taking time to do this!  We pray the voices of our students and many MN taxpayers will be heard by U of M.  

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