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Colorado Shooting: What we know

Dear Friend,

Robert Lewis Dear

Robert Lewis Dear

We're sure by now you have heard about the tragic shooting that occurred in Colorado Springs, Colorado on November 27th. The shooter, now identified as Robert Lewis Dear, shot and killed police officer Garrett Swasey, who was also an elder at his evangelical church, and two civilians. Dear holed up inside a local Planned Parenthood for hours until he was apprehended. The local Planned Parenthood clinic reported that no patients or staff were harmed.


There has been much speculation about this shooting, anonymous reports, and irresponsible reporting by the media. We feel it is important to talk about what we DO know, and to state our position on this (and all) shootings.


Here's what we do know:


  1. No one knows the shooter's motives, and investigators have not released that information. Anyone who makes declarations about motive now is irresponsible, dishonest or both. 

    The police have issued a public statement in which they say they have not made a conclusion on motive. Any statement about motive is referring to an unconfirmed statement from an anonymous source. 

  2. One thing everyone knows and agrees on is that the murderous rampage in Colorado Springs was abhorrent. The victims deserve prayer during this painful moment, not partisan posturing. 

  3. This horrific act in no way releases Planned Parenthood from its accountability to the public for its nationwide pattern of years of waste, abuse, and potential fraudulent behavior.  

  4. A murderer is by definition pro-death. This deranged killer's actions do not represent the peaceful movement of millions of Americans in the pro-life movement. Minnesota Family Council, along with its state and national allies, strongly condemn this senseless shooting, and we pray for the families of the victims. 


We also recommend a piece written by the Editorial Board of the main newspaper in Colorado Springs, The Gazette. The piece speaks to the local perspective on the shooting and the suffering families of the victims:

Stop Exploiting a Horrible Crime


Here's a powerful quote:


"Robert Lewis Dear, the suspect, was a ne'er-do-well, politically unaffiliated, with no apparent religious devotion and no long-term ties to Colorado. Nussbaum explains Dear was "not formed by this community. But Garrett Swasey, who did live here, who did worship at his Evangelical, pro-life church, who was formed by this community, gave his life for people in danger. He did not ask who they were or what they believed or what they did. He had taken a pledge to defend and protect his community, and he died keeping his word.""


We hope you will join us in praying for the victims of this senseless crime. Reports indicate all 3 victims leave behind young children. 


For Life in Christ,


~The Minnesota Family Council Team


Published on by Autumn Leva.