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Confirmed: U of Minnesota & U of Wisconsin Buy Aborted Baby Parts

 Yes, our preeminent local Universities have been caught buying aborted baby body parts for research.


News broke just yesterday confirming that the University of Minnesota does in fact purchase aborted baby parts, and has even purchased these baby parts from an abortion clinic in Minnesota. 



This violates Minnesota law that requires abortion facilities to cremate or bury the remains of aborted babies. Furthermore, Minnesota law does not allow for body parts from aborted babies to be used in research.


And, it gets even worse.


The Whole Women's Health abortion clinic medical director is alsothe U of M's Women’s Health Specialty Clinic medical director. Convenient, right?


Read the breaking news here.

And what about our neighbors in Wisconsin?

The University of Minnesota isn't the only public educational institution that's been caught purchasing aborted baby body parts for research. Several public universities have been caught doing this over the past few months, including the University of Wisconsin.


The University of Wisconsin has been purchasing aborted baby body parts and then implanting them in mice. The U of Wisconsin purchased these parts from Advanced Bioscience Resources (the same company that's been selling these parts to the U of M). 


Read the article here.

This has to stop.

Advancing medical science through the intentional killing of a human life is NOT justified, and public universities need to halt these abhorrent research practices immediately.


Here in Minnesota, the University of Minnesota must feel the weight of public pressure. As Christians called to be light in our state, and speak truth and morality into our public institutions, we are called to insist that the University of Minnesota:

  1. Immediately comply with state law and cease research on aborted baby parts
  2. Immediately investigate this practice at the U, pay all consequences under Minnesota law, and take appropriate administrative action
  3. Immediately change their "fetal tissue research policy" so that it is crystal clear that research on aborted baby parts is strictly prohibited, outlines the specific procedure the U will use to ensure the policy and state law will be followed, and consequences for failure to comply.


Will you help us be salt & light, and call upon the U to take these 3 immediate actions? 


All you need to do is use our system to send a letter (that's already written for you!) to the U of M President & Board of Regents automatically by simply adding your return address info to the letter, and then please forward this message and ask your friends, family, and church to do the same!


Send letter now.


Thank you so much for your help!


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Published on by Autumn Leva.