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Countdown 2016...what does it matter anyway?

We have less than 24 hours left in the year 2015, and less than 24 hours remaining to raise $200,000 to meet our biggest year-end matching challengeever supporting our ministry. 

We have about $39,000 to go to meet the $200,000 matching challenge!


And do you want to know what I'm thinking about in these last hours of 2015?


I'm thinking about you & your family, my children & grandchildren, and the many Christian men & women serving as elected leaders in the ministry of public office for our state. And, I would imagine that many of you are thinking:  "What does it matter anyway?" 


  • Why do we engage in what's uncomfortable by getting involved with politics and working to elect & support godly leaders who will advance godly policy--when many churches and Christians today eschew politics?
  • Why do we advocate for religious freedom and the right to speak freely about our beliefs when it would be easier to stay silent and keep our beliefs to ourselves?
  • Why do we work tirelessly to protect life and hold accountable those (like abortion clinics and the University of Minnesota) who break Minnesota law by selling or performing research on aborted baby parts?
  • Why do we lobby at the Minnesota Capitol to advance biblical, family-centered policies when many elected leaders don't want to hear what we have to say or be held accountable for their lawlessness?
  • Why do we work to train up the next generation of leaders grounded in biblical worldview when teens are a lot of work?
  • And why do we continue to speak the truth about God's design for gender, and the uniqueness of being created male and female, when the country seems determined to heroize those activists who encourage confused, hurting people, even children, to reject their own bodies? 


We do all this because to be a follower of Christ means to give up our life in order to find abundant life in Him. 


I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

John 10:10b


As Eric Mataxes would say, followers of Jesus Christ aren't called to be comfortable, silent, or grouchy.


As Dr. Russell Moore would say, followers of Jesus Christ are called to be strange. We embrace and live out this strange Gospel that saves lives, restores hope, and brings abundant life. 


It all matters because Jesus Christ is our all in all, the beginning and the end. And, if we truly love our neighbor, for his sake we will seek Truth, godly leaders, and policies that do not hurt the heart of a Holy God. 


Will you join us as we joyfully move onward, embracing the strangeness & uncomfortableness of this Gospel with the power to save? 


Your support and gift of any size will be doubled until midnight tonight, less than 24 hours from now! This is a historic opportunity with our largest ever end-of-year matching challenge!

Thank you and God bless your family as you go onward into 2016!

John Helmberger
Chief Executive Officer


Published on by Mary Thompson.