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University of Minnesota, you got lots of ‘splainin’ to do!

The University of Minnesota has a lot of 'splainin' to do these days, and the story is still developing.


After the undercover videos were released revealing top Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted baby parts to "tissue procurement companies" who then sold the baby parts to research institutions, UMN assured media & legislators that it didn't conduct research on "fetal tissue."


Now, the U seems to have changed its story, admitting, at least to legislators, that it DOES use aborted baby parts for research, and that it has been doing that for years now. 

(See letter from Rep. Marion O'Neill to the U included in the link below.)

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But, there's still questions that need to be answered.

  1. Where did the aborted baby parts come from--possibly abortion clinics in Minnesota? That would be a violation of state law.
  2. Will the U conduct an investigation to find out what is exactly is going on, how long this research has been conducted, where the baby body parts came from, and whether the U broke any laws in the course of its research?
  3. Will the U change its research policy so that it's absolutely clear that research on aborted baby parts is prohibited? 


So far, the U has answered none of these questions...crickets.


Not even when tuition-paying University students themselves asked the questions. UMN students held a protest this week, asking President Kaler and the U to simply investigate their fetal tissue research program, and clarify their fetal tissue research policy so that research on aborted fetal tissue would be very clearly prohibited.

Watch video of the student protest HERE.


Silence from President Kaler and the University of Minnesota.

Now, Minnesota Legislators (who were originally told by the U that the U conducted NO fetal tissue research) are asking for answers.


State Representative Abigail Whelan (Anoka, 35A), who is also a UMN alumni, sent a letter to the U, seeking answers. Rep. Whelan even joined the students at their protest this week.

"They [UMN] ARE doing research on aborted baby parts--it's not a question. I, and my colleagues, voted to give an additional $30 Million to the University to conduct more research. Now we find out that this is what that money may be going to. I'm calling on the University to investigate & cease all research on aborted baby parts. 

I'm not condemning the University of Minnesota. I'm asking for a change in policy and a change of heart. 

May God bless Kaler and the Board of Regents.  I pray they would craft a policy that will honor and glorify You."

Just yesterday, Representative Marion O'Neill (Maple Lake, 29B) sent her own letter to the U, asking some very sharp questions.


Read her full letter to UMN HERE (scroll to bottom of article).

"...after my recent meeting with University Vice President for Research, Dr. Brian Herman, I discovered fetal tissue was purchased prior to 2008, and as many as ten university employees are currently using aborted fetal tissue to conduct research.

Within the past year, when asked directly about aborted fetal tissue research, legislators were informed that it was not being done and went against university policy. Now it has become public that not only have University of Minnesota researchers been potentially purchasing and using aborted fetal tissue for the past several years, but administrative policy allows for the purchase as long as it complies with state and federal regulation...."

We are so thankful for the hard work and leadership of these Representatives, and their colleagues, who are willing to hold the U accountable for the money it receives and the type of research it conducts. The University must stay in line with the highest ethical standards and morals of Minnesotans when conducting research.

 You can help!


Please take a few moments to also make YOUR voice heard at the U.


 Send a letter to the UMN President & Regents, asking them to change their policy on performing research on aborted baby body parts--and ask them to investigate this research practice and whether UMN violated any laws in the course of its research.


The letter has already been written for you!  You simply have to fill in your return address information, and our system will send it for you!

CLICK HERE to send your letter to the UMN President & Regents.

Thank you for taking time to do this!  We pray the voices of our students, legislators, and many MN taxpayers will be heard by UMN. 


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Published on by Mary Thompson.