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From the pool to the locker room...

In case you haven’t heard, the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) is deliberating on December 4th whether to allow “transgender” students the right to participate in athletic competitions according to their gender preference. Or, to put it more directly, boys may be allowed to participate on the girls’ swimming team in every respect, from the pool to the locker room.


Why should this interrupt your schedule? Well, I hope it ultimately concerns all of the Body of Christ when the goodness and truth of God's design for us are so blatantly exchanged for a lie. Christians have a beautiful opportunity to speak Truth in love to a culture so desperately in need of truth, and by doing so we ultimately love our neighbor. And, if we don't share the Truth in love, who will?


More immediately, I want you to know that the proposed policy would affect all public, private, and homeschool students participating in any MSHSL athletic event. And, we need you to alert every family member, friend, colleague, and fellow church member, so that we can stop the proposed MSHSL policy on December 4th. Let us protect not only our own children from this kind of dishonorable treatment of human sexuality, but also our neighbors.

Personally, my own involvement in athletics is one of my best memories from High School. I participated in Cross Country, Swimming, and Track all four of my years. A quick look at the current state records in Minnesota shows that, had I lived here and decided to participate on the girls’ teams, I would have owned every single individual running record in our state as a Freshman (but only one in swimming as a Senior—kudos to those fast Minnesota girls!). Do we think that would be fair? I don’t. Would I be proud to hold those records? No, it troubles me to offer it even as an example. Would it be a pleasant memory to all the other athletes, especially our young ladies? I think not.

Among other things, it would be unsportsmanlike and irresponsible for me as a past student athlete not to speak out against the current deliberations of MSHSL. And as a pastor and a father, I have an obligation to warn and protect my own church and children from any athletic policy that denies God’s definition of gender identity.


So, I hope you will join me in doing four things:


  • The first, as I’ve already mentioned, help us get the word out to your church, family, friends and colleagues. Click here for more information that you can forward to them. Or simply share this email!

  • Second, sign the petition against the transgender policy. We need thousands of signatures!

  • Third, contact MSHSL by phone, email, mail, or in person.

  • Finally, if you can, attend the MSHSL meeting on December 4th where this transgender policy will be deliberated and hopefully defeated.


Thank you for all of your help!




Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jeff Evans
Pastor Liaison
Minnesota Family Council 

Action Alert

Published on by Autumn Leva.