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Gender Identity at Nova Classical Academy

Title IX & Gender Identity on Tuesday, January 12th at 6:30PM

Nova Classical Academy Gymnasium
1455 Victoria Way
St. Paul, MN 55102


Nova Classical Academy is a public charter school that has prided itself on its rigorous classical academic curriculum.


Now it seems the school is being pressured to include political agendas in its pedagogy. Activist groups like OutFront Minnesota (our state's largest LGBT organization) and Gender Justice, along with political pressure from the Obama Administration, are behind the push at Nova Classical Academy to see St. Paul Public Schools' radical transgender policy adopted at Nova. 


The transgender policy for St. Paul Public Schools is so radical that it requires schools to permit boys and girls to disrobe and bathroom together, and ensures full compliance with Minnesota State High School League's transgender athlete policy that permits biological boys to participate on girls' sports teams. 


Nova recently cited Title IX, the federal law that made sure female students would have equal access to public education, and Minnesota's recent statewide "anti-bullying law" as their reason for including transgender material in grades as young as Kindergarten, permitting students to wear uniforms of the opposite sex, and caving to demands of the activists. 


Nova parents, however, are not sitting by quietly as the school puts their children at risk. Nearly 400 parents have signed a petition opposing mixed-sex bathrooms, and a leadership group organized this event so that their side & concerns could be heard. Several parents have pulled their students out of Nova or off the waiting list. 


Join these parents and many more on Tuesday, January 12th, in Nova gymnasium to learn what Title IX & Minnesota state law require. Autumn Leva, Minnesota Family Council's Director of Policy & Communication, will also provide an overview of what's happening with transgender activism nationwide as well as here in Minnesota, the true impact of transgender activism on kids, and helpful steps to empower parents. 


Title IX & Gender Identity

When:  Tuesday, January 12th

Time:  6:30PM-8:30PM

Where:  Nova Classical Academy Gymnasium,

1455 Victoria Way, St. Paul 

$5 for general public

**This is not a Nova-sponsored event. This event is hosted by concerned Nova parents and sponsored by Minnesota Family Council.**



 For more on transgender activism in schools, check out what's happening in Illinois. Female students are standing up for their privacy rights...when their parents are ignored and their school won't listen.

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Published on by Mary Thompson.