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Girl with a Korean mom thought she was adopted. The truth was more unsettling.

Meet our friend Jessica Kern.

Jessica is a lovely, extremely well-spoken young woman who was born through a surrogacy arrangement. Jessica's adopted mother, who is Korean, tried to keep the story of her conception a secret from Jessica. 

For Jessica, her story "is a perfect example of what can go wrong when science and the culture of entitlement meet - pitting the selfish desires of adults against the ultimate well-being of children."

"There needs to be more education on the downfalls of surrogacy," says [Jessica]. "I think that it's too easy to look at surrogacy from the point of 'What are my wants, what are my desires and how do I get them met?' But it's a lot harder to look at how it could possibly affect the child." 

We don't often hear from the children born by surrogacy, but Jessica is willing to share her story.

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Published on by Luke Frederick.