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Ok...so now what?

Ok, so the election's over. Now what?

On election day, we did our American duty and our Divine duty as missionaries in the public square by casting our one vote in favor of the candidates who would best uphold goldy principles and character. We shined our lights as believers in such a simple, yet profound, way.

And, in some cases we are disappointed in the results, yet we rejoice because Christ still reigns as King! 

While in other cases, such as the election of the prolife, pro-religious freedom, profamily candidate in every district where MFC focused its efforts in the MN House, we give thanks to God for leaders who better represent our values.

The newly elected leaders will start their legislative work in St. Paul on Tuesday, January 6th.

The question is:  Now what?

Simple Steps for the Body of Christ in Minnesota for Moving Forward:

  1. PRAY.

    We are called to pray for our leaders, from the most local school board member to the President fo the United States. We are uniquely positioned for the ministry of prayer for our elected leaders. If we as Christians don't pray for them, who will?

    Besides, no earthly government leader has been elected to his or her position outside the sovereign hand of God. These leaders need our prayers.

    So, keep a prayer journal, download a prayer app on your phone, or set a reminder on your calendar--but remember to pray for these leaders!

    As believers, it's easy for us to get caught up in the same old hustle-bustle of the political campaigns and focus only on what happens on election day.

    Our calling is greater and higher and that. We are called to live out our faith every day, in every way. We can't simply check out.

    Instead, we need to be in prayer for our leaders and our culture. We need to be living out the principles we say we adhere to--honoring life, living beneath our means, godly marriages, and more.

    We need to stay informed about what's going on, and continue to turn the lights back on in the culture around us. The culture has grown darker, and even positive election results don't change that.  

    We cannot choose to bury our heads in the sand, huddle our families close, and leave a hurting and dying culture around us to fend for itself. No, we must burn bright as lights for Christ!

    How can you make an impact on the children, families, church and community in which you live?

    The new Minnesota Legislature and new U.S. Congress will take office in January. 

    Stay informed about what issues are at stake. Know who your elected officials are and how to contact them.

    When you hear about an issue of concern, don't be shy! Call, write or email the appropriate elected official to share your concern (or even to praise him or her when he or she votes in a way that aligns with your values).

    Silence is nearly always deemed as apathy or acquiesence.

    For believers, with our call to be salt and light, we simply cannot afford ignorance or silence. 

 Will you join us?

As Christians, we don't have the "easy way out" to simply check out now and let the culture continue to go downhill. 

Instead, we have a much higher calling. We're called to turn the lights back on. What a humbling, yet awesome privilege!

Will you join us?


Can you help?

Our vision is to see strong families, communities and culture through Christ. We believe Minnesota thrives when religious liberties flourish, life is cherished at all stages, and God’s design for marriage and family is honored and lived.

Thus, we make it our mission to nurture and defend families by restoring biblical truth in our culture.

MFC is entirely donor-supported, and we cannot work on this mission alone. We need your help!

Will you help us through a partnership of prayer, keeping each other active and informed as we shine our lights, and financial support? 


Published on by Mary Thompson.