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Hope & Change...ironic isn't it?

Eight years ago in 2008, President Obama was campaigning for President of the United States, and his promise to the American people was "Hope & Change."


It's now an unseasonably warm December 2015, and I sit in my office pondering what so many of us across Minnesota and the nation are most longing for. The irony strikes me--we want hope & change!


Our nation is broken, deeply divided, and grieving after a terrorist attack on our own soil. Just this year, we've seen 5 liberal judges unconstitutionally redefine marriage for the entire country while the White House bathed itself in rainbow lights, and the attacks on religious freedom rights of those who believe in God's definition of marriage have only just begun. 


Just this year, our nation reeled in horror as we watched undercover Planned Parenthood videos reveal the depravity of the abortion culture--Planned Parenthood top officials barbarically harvesting body parts from aborted babies for sale. 


Our culture is systematically rejecting real truth, even down to the basic biological realities of what it means to be male and female. And, what's worse, those who would stand up for Truth and speak their beliefs about life, marriage, and God's plan for us are continually threatened or otherwise coerced into abandoning their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. 


Perhaps we sit where we do today because our country sought hope in all the wrong places and change from all the wrong things. 

Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, our nation has reached a critical moment in history, and we have an incredibly important role to play, along with a decision to make. 

We are, quite literally, the only ones who know and believe that hope cannot be found in any political leader or other worldly source; Hope is a Person named Jesus Christ.


We are the only ones who know and believe that change with any real meaning and any real good can only come from God Himself, often through His people. 


That brings us to our decision:  

Will we take our place at this moment in history to be the Light in this darkness?  Will we point to real Hope so that our nation can see godly change? 



I and my team at Minnesota Family Council make this commitment to you:


We believe God wants to see lives and families changed through the saving grace of His Son. We believe God wants to see a nation that honors Him, led by leaders who seek His righteousness first. And we believe that the only true Hope any of us has is in Christ alone.


We commit to be His Light in the darkness, pointing this nation and state to real Hope so that we can truly see godly change. 

Will you join with us? 


Believers in America at this time share the same godly calling. Minnesota Family Council's role within that calling is to nurture and defend families by restoring biblical truth in our culture. And, as if to say "go for it," He has blessed us with our biggest year-end matching challenge ever. Through His grace and provision through generous donors, every dollar given up to $200,000 will be doubled, to help us carry out the mission God has called us to


Last week, we were excited to report our biggest ever year-end matching challenge as $150,000, but again--thanks to God's grace and provision through generous donors--it was increased to a full $200,000!  Praise God! We are thankful!


This is an enormous, God-sized challenge, but will you partner with us to help us meet it? 



As we shine His light, this funding will go to support our mission for 2016:


  • Strengthening coalitions of likeminded partners, including pastors, ministry leaders, allied organizations, and statesmen and stateswomen
  • Equipping Christian citizens as a winsome, biblical voice to transform Minnesota culture
  • Advancing biblically based, pro-family policy throughout the state
  • Supporting Christ-centered statesmen and stateswomen to rebuild a foundation of godly civil leadership in our state during what may be the most important election in our history


Will you partner with us in this mission? We know the culture is dark, but we also know that Christ's Light shines brighter the darker things get. He alone, who came into the world to bring Hope to the nations, can bring Hope back to our nation, and we want to be a part of it!

Don't you?


Please join with us in committing to bring true Hope and godly change back to Minnesota.

 For His Name's Sake,

 John Helmberger, CEO
innesota Family Council


Double the impact of your gift now through December 31st up to $200,000!


Published on by Mary Thompson.