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How to protect your child's privacy & safety

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How to protect your child's privacy & safety

  • Are you going to be ok with your daughter sharing her school bathroom or locker room with a biological boy?
  • How about your son sharing his school bathroom or locker room with a biological girl?
  • Will it bother you if your daughter has to compete against biological males on her basketball or volleyball team?
    *Coming this fall thanks to MSHSL's "transgender policy"... 

If any of these scenarios bothers you, we'd imagine that you're like most parents--you are concerned about your child's basic privacy and safety rights. And you're right. Every child has a right to know that his or her privacy and safety will be the highest priority of those entrusted to caring for him or her, particularly in intimate settings away from home.  

The bad news is--threats to your child's safety and privacy are already emerging in our state.

*MSHSL's "Transgender Student Athlete Policy"
*St. Paul Public Schools "Transgender Policy"
*And more coming soon... 

The latest wave of "political correctness" demanded by the LGBT lobby requires that students' privacy and safety be sacrificed for their agenda. They insist that students who identify as transgender (those students struggling with gender identity, identifying themselves as opposite their biological sex--or somewhere in between on the "gender spectrum") must be granted access to bathrooms, locker rooms, and athletic teams opposite their biological sex. 

  • Yes, this means they're insisting that biological boys be allowed to use the girls' bathroom and compete on the girls' volleyball team. 
  • Yes, this means they're insisting that the proper place for a female child struggling with gender identity is in a bathroom or locker room with a bunch of adolescent boys. 

Going to the bathroom at school is already awkward enough--why make it more difficult for kids for the sake of an unyielding agenda? 

That's all the bad news.

The GOOD news is that we all have an opportunity to work together to protect our kids in Minnesota.

MSHSL's "transgender policy" doesn't go into effect until this Fall, and St. Paul Public Schools is still working on their "transgender policy." And other schools can still be deterred from following their lead.

How do we work together to protect all kids?

1.  We ask the officials we elected to represent us to pass a law clarifying that school bathrooms need to continue to be for biological girls only and biological boys only.

If a small number of students have different needs, schools are certainly well-equipped to address those individual needs without violating everyone's privacy rights.  

  1. We ask the officials we elected to represent us to pass a law clarifying that our girls sports teams were intended to be for...biological girls--for obvious safety and fairness reasons! 

Will you join us and other parents all around the state asking the Legislature to pass a law protecting the privacy and safety rights of all students?


Our system will automatically send an email to your appropriate legislator, located based on your address. 

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Published on by Mary Thompson.