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I just don't want to get involved...

Dear Friend,


Does this sound like you? 

  • Our culture's going downhill so quickly! There's really nothing we can do anymore.
  • The "LGBT-rights" crowd gets away with changing everything; those of us with biblical values don't even have a voice anymore!
  • I'm so sick of hearing about all this. I just want to raise my family and honor God and raise godly kids. The culture's going to do what the culture's going to do, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
  • I've got work to do, kids to get to practice, church Christmas stuff, bills to pay and food to get on the table--I don't have time for all this "culture war" stuff, and we're losing anyway...

Any of those sound like you? 

Believe me, I get it. I really do. I struggle with at least 2 out of those 4 (sometimes not even the same 2!) on a regular basis. 

Now, in thinking about the latest cultural struggle (one that we all know doesn't make any sense)--an effort being pushed by the Minnesota State High School League to allow students identifying as "transgender" to play on athletic teams opposite their biological sex--and then almost certainly gain access to the locker rooms, bathrooms, hotel rooms, etc. of the opposite sex--I wonder, how has it come to be that we're even talking about this as a society??

(Read more about the High School League's transgender policy HERE.)


But let me share with you what's been an encouragement and reminder to me. 

In every sense of the word, we are in a true battle of light vs. darkness for the hearts and minds of our culture. 

I think about the parable Jesus gave in John 10, how He describes Himself as the Good Shepherd, willing to lay down His life for His sheep and give them the fullest life, while the enemy (Satan, or the wolf) comes only to steal, kill, and destroy

Another character in the story, the hired hand, cares nothing for the sheep and runs when the wolf comes, leaving the sheep vulnerable to the attack. 

My deepest prayer for myself, and for you, dear Friend, is for us to not be like the hired hand who runs at the first sign of trouble. 

Instead, let us seek to glorify our Savior who has laid down His life for the sheep by standing with Him, leading His beloved sheep towards the light and the Truth. 

When we truly love our neighbors (fellow sheep), we do not abandon them when the latest form of cultural darkness comes snarling and baring its teeth. Instead, we lovingly point them toward the light. 

This is especially true when it comes to our children.

Will you help guard the sheep and shine your light in the midst of this latest darkness?

See helpful tips below!

Yours in Christ,

Autumn Leva
Director of Policy and Communication
Minnesota Family Council

Protecting the Sheep:

  • The first, help us get the word out to your church, family, friends and colleagues. Click here for more information that you can forward to them. Or simply share this email!

  • Second, sign the petition against the transgender policy. We need thousands of signatures! 

    If you've had trouble signing on multiple family members on this petition before, this issue has been fixed. Each person simply needs their own email address. 

    Anyone 7th grade and up can sign!

  • Third, contact MSHSL by phone, email, mail, or in person.

  • Finally, if you can, attend the MSHSL meeting on December 4th where this transgender policy will be deliberated and hopefully defeated.

The Greatest Need...

We need help urging schools around the state to support the common-sense, fair alternative to Minnesota State High School League's "transgender policy".

We're asking schools to sign on their support for a common sense rule that simply clarifies that, for the purpose of League athletic activities, it only makes sense to have students play on teams based upon their birth sex (with the exception that exists in state law for girls). 

We need help getting the word out to schools about the alternative!  Can you connect with your school's superintendent, school board, principal, or even athletic director before December 4th and urge them to reject the League's "transgender policy" and support a common-sense alternative that clarifies that students participate based on their birth sex? 

Here's some tips for talking to schools:

  1. Make sure you call, write, or meet with your school officials ASAP (before Dec. 4th when the League will vote on their "transgender policy")!
  2. If you only have a short time:  Call, email, or write your school official and urge them to reject the MSHSL policy and support the common-sense alternative. 

    -include a copy of the alternative posted HERE

    -Let them know that school officials can sign on their support to the common-sense alternative online at www.mfc.org/get-involved (by clicking on the "Click here if you are a school official" green button) 

    -If your school official supports the MSHSL "transgender policy" ask them WHY.

    -You can use the talking points HERE if you'd like!
  3. If you have a bit more time, include as many other parents and students as you can in your meeting with  or signed on to your to your school official. There's always strength in numbers!
  4. Face-to-face meetings are always better, but since time is short before Dec. 4th, at least a phone call or email to officials (with as many other parents and students as possible) will work!
  5. Remind your school that the High School League is meant to serve its Member Schools. The League will think Member Schools want this policy if the school says nothing. Does your school WANT this transgender policy? 

Thank you!

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Published on by Autumn Leva.