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If you only had 5 days left...

The Minnesota Legislature is supposed to officially adjourn for the year in 5 days, counting today, on Monday, May 18th...

...And still no decision has been made about the Legislature's final big Education omnibus bill and whether it will include the common-sense provision requiring schools to continue to maintain bathrooms separated based on biological sex, for the safety and privacy of all children. 

Read more below to find out:

  1. What the end game is in the latest push to try to make everyone believe your sex has nothing to do with the way God made you;
  2. How you can help in MN before time's up!

The End Game

It's alarming how quickly the lie that one's sex has nothing to do with biology is spreading. 

In the push for "sexual freedom," activists insisted that redefining marriage was necessary for "equal rights." Many of you joined us in warning that this would be only the beginning--and that religious freedom rights would be in danger.

Sure enough, the push for "equal rights" for polygamous relationships followed in no time, and the list of Christian owners sued or facing fines from the government for simply believing that marriage is the union of one man and one woman grows regularly.

Now we're being sold another false bill of goods:  "A man who identifies himself as a woman is really a woman (just ignore biology), so therefore he should get to do everything a woman does and access every facility a woman does." 

A sneak peak at what comes next:  A push for "equal rights" for people who identify as "gender queer" or "gender fluid"--those who don't identify as either sex, as both sexes, transition back and forth along the "gender spectrum," or otherwise defy gender "norms." These activists will soon be requiring the legal and social ability to transition easily between sexes (or to not identify as a sex at all) and all that entails.  Imagine the implications of this. 

That's the End Game:  destroy all recognition of any differences, including biological, between the two sexes God created and deemed "good." Sex can mean whatever any and every individual wants it to mean. The implications for our laws and culture are staggering.

But this shouldn't come as a surprise--it's nothing new. When you forget Who created the gift of sex and the two distinct sexes (BOTH made in His image) in the first place, you begin to worship the created things rather than the Creator Himself. 

They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

Romans 1:25

How You Can Help in MN

It's sad to see some of our own elected officials saying it's "inappropriate" for schools to be telling their students which bathroom to use (haven't schools been doing this since we invented public bathrooms with multiple toilets?), or that to define sex biologically is a "false statement."

Read some of their shocking public statements HERE

The push for defining sex outside biology (and erasing the 2 sexes altogether) will continue to harm even young children (Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools already allow for this) if we as believers, as parents, as students, and as MN citizens do not stop it here and now. Lying to our kids and saying sex has nothing to do with biology (or that the sexes are not unique in their own way) is exactly that--a lie, and it harms all children, including those who struggle with gender identity. 


We can STOP THIS by passing the Education omnibus bill this year with the provision that requires public  schools to maintain bathrooms (and showers, locker rooms, etc.) separated based on biological sex for the safety and privacy of all students. 


Who are the decision-makers?

This group of 10 legislators (5 from the House, 5 from the Senate) will decide whether or not to keep in the provision that requires schools to continue separating bathrooms based on biological sex, for the privacy and safety of all students, in their final Education bill.

We need your help letting these 10 legislators know that YOU WANT the provision requiring schools to continue to separate bathrooms and locker rooms based on biological sex to stay in the final Education bill!

These 10 legislators need to know that they should OPPOSE any efforts to remove this provision.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Select 1 of the 10 legislators below in charge of this decision who lives closest to you. Take 2 minutes to call their office staffer or email them, asking them to make sure the provision requiring schools to maintain bathrooms separated based on biological sex stays in the Education omnibus bill, H.F. 844.
  2. Then ask as many of your friends and neighbors as you can to do the same!
  3. If you have a little more time to give, please call (or email) Sen. Wiger's office and Rep. Loon's office asking them the same thing. These 2 legislators are the two Chairpersons of the committee in charge of the Education bill.
  4. Pray!

(If you've already reached out to some of these legislators, please join us in reaching out to 1 or 2 you haven't called or emailed before--and encouraging more friends, family members, church groups, and parents to speak up now, before it's too late!)


Sen. Charles Wiger (43, Maplewood)

(651) 296-6820

Use email form


Sen. Alice Johnson (37, Blaine)

(651) 296-2556

Use email form


Sen. LeRoy Stumpf (1, Plummer)

(651) 296-8660

Use email form 


Sen. Kevin Dahle (20, Northfield)

(651) 296-1279

Use email form 


 Sen. Eric Pratt (55, Prior Lake)

(651) 296-4123



Rep. Jenifer Loon (48B, Eden Prairie)




Rep. Sondra Erickson (15A, Princeton)




Rep. Ron Kresha (9B, Little Falls)




Rep. Bob Dettmer (39A, Forest Lake)




Rep. Roz Peterson (56B, Lakeville)



Action Alert

Published on by Autumn Leva.