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Join with students to protest: UM Buys Baby Parts

Will you help the students protesting the U of M for buying baby body parts for research?

We're sure by now you've heard how the University of Minnesota has been purchasing baby body parts for research from a company (ABR) that's been caught on undercover video in a long-time partnership buying (and then selling) body parts from aborted babies harvested at Planned Parenthood facilities all around the country.


But, in case you hadn't heard, check out this piece:

UM Buys Baby Parts: Lungs ($175), Liver ($325), Pancreas ($325)...


The problem is, we don't yet know where ABR is getting the baby body parts it sells to the U of M. Is it from their long-time friend Planned Parenthood? 

 Turns out, many students & U of M alumni (not to mention MN taxpayers) aren't too happy about this. 

University students plan to hold a protest at the University of Minnesota on Wednesday at 4PM.


Will you join them?


Join the students protesting the U of M:

When:  Wednesday, October 21st at 4PM

Where:  Meet at the corner of East River Rd. & SE Harvard St.
(near UM Medical Center complex) 


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The U of M president and Board of Regents need to know that they must change policies to keep this from ever happening again.  Our tax dollars and student tuitions paid for this barbaric research on defenseless children.


The University of Minnesota purchased baby parts from 2008-2014 from Advance BioScience Resources, an aborted baby parts procurement company, according to documents supplied by the U of M according to an Alpha News MN report.

MN State Representative (and U of M alum!) Abigail Whelan(district 35A, Anoka) said this about her alma mater:  

The University of Minnesota does some amazing work, and as a former student I experienced firsthand the innovation that flows from our state's major think-tank. But, there is a line of moral conduct that should not be crossed, even in the name of innovation, and unfortunately the University has crossed that line. 

FAQ's About the U of M Protest:

  1. Who's leading the protest?

    Students, with the help of Pro-Life Action Ministries and Minnesota Family Council!

  2. Who should come to the protest (can non-students come)?

    *All students from the U of M and surrounding colleges
    *Parents who have students at U of M
    *U of M Alumni
    *Anyone who has paid taxes in Minnesota

  3. Why are we protesting the University of Minnesota?

    Join with students at the University of Minnesota to protest the purchase of baby parts from Advanced BioScience Resources for research, and the U of M's possible violation of laws prohibiting the trafficking of baby parts and laws requiring that baby remains be properly buried or cremated. 

    The U of M president and Board of Regents need to know that they must change policies to keep this from ever happening again. 

  4. What if I can't make it on Wednesday?

    Join us on social media!  Use the hashtag #UMBuysBabyPartson your social media accounts to ask U of M to change their policy to end research on baby parts & investigate where the baby parts they purchased from ABR came from!

  5. Can I bring signs to the protest?

    Sure!  Here's some ideas:

    1) Question for Kaler! 

       Can you explain $175 lungs, $325 liver, & $325 pancreas?

    2) Lets make this crystal clear here: UMN and ABR?

    3) Investigate before it's too late!

    4) Research on fetal tissue - a legal issue?

What else can you do?

Before you come to the protest on Wednesday, please take a few moments to send a letter to the U of M President & Regents, asking them to change their policy on performing research on baby body parts--and ask them to investigate where the baby parts they used for research came from.


The letter has already been written for you!  You simply have to fill in your return address information, and our system will send it for you!

CLICK HERE to send your letter to the U of M President & Regents.

Thank you for taking time to do this!  We pray the voices of our students and many MN taxpayers will be heard by U of M.  

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