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MFC CEO Speaks at MN #ProtestPP Rally

MFC CEO Speaks at MN #ProtestPP Rally

John Helmberger, CEO for Minnesota Family Council, speaking at #ProtestPP rally on 10-11-15

John Helmberger, CEO for Minnesota Family Council, speaking at #ProtestPP rally on 10-11-15

Just last week, Minnesota news agency Alpha News released a report confirming that Advanced Bioscience Resources, a longtime business partner of Planned Parenthood (Planned Parenthood sells ABR the body parts of its aborted babies), does business in Minnesota through local St. Paul agent Capitol Lien. The Alpha News report also contained purchase orders potentially implicating the University of Minnesota in the purchase of fetal tissue from ABR, though the purchase orders do not list where ABR obtained the tissue. An investigation is needed to bring this information to light for the public.


A pro-life coalition is increasing the pressure on Governor Dayton to now investigate not only Planned Parenthood, but also the University of Minnesota and ABR. The coalition held a #ProtestPP rally at the St. Paul Planned Parenthood on Sunday, October 11th as part of another nationwide #ProtestPP weekend.

John Helmberger, CEO for Minnesota Family Council, spoke at the #ProtestPP rally at Planned Parenthood on October 11th. These are his prepared remarks:

For 3 months, Planned Parenthood’s illegal, barbaric trafficking in the body parts – and sometimes entire bodies – of aborted babies has been exposed by the series of undercover videos from Center for Medical Progress.


But for all that time…

…despite the fact that investigations into Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking in fetal tissue have been launched in several other states…


…Gov. Mark Dayton & Lt. Gov. Tina Smith, a former Planned Parenthood VP, have been shielding Planned Parenthood from investigation here in MN. 


Gov. Dayton, it’s time to stop protecting Planned Parenthood!


Unbelievably, Gov. Dayton says that if Planned Parenthood in Minnesota denies having a “fetal tissue donation” program, as they call it, that’s good enough for him! He says there’s “not a shred of evidence” to investigate Planned Parenthood.


But recently, video #9 included a direct admission by Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR), a national fetal tissue broker, that they were doing business with clinics – in MN!


But still, Gov. Mark Dayton and Lt. Gov. Tina Smith continue to shield PP from investigation. 


Now I don’t know about you, but if a national broker says they’re trafficking baby body parts in MN – which is now confirmed by their local agent…


…and Planned Parenthood is by far the largest abortion profiteer in the state…


…which makes them the largest producer of baby body parts in the state…


…I’d say an investigation is warranted, and Planned Parenthood is the place to start!

Wouldn’t you?


How much evidence do they need before they’ll investigate?!  


Gov. Dayton, stop protecting Planned Parenthood!

Now, through some good investigative reporting, Alpha News has uncovered purchase orders from the U of M showing them buying baby body parts from ABR between 2008 and 2014.


You can see these purchase orders for yourself HERE.


They show the Uof M buying baby lungs ($175), baby livers ($325), baby pancreas ($325), and more.


And get this:  while some of the invoices include overnight shipping fees, suggesting that body parts are coming from outside the state, others don’t – that means at least some ofthe body parts are probably coming from abortion clinics in MN!


“It’s fair to ask,” says Alpha News, with a healthy dose of journalistic understatement, “whether there is a local provider of fetal body parts operating in the state.”


But are Gov. Mark Dayton and Lt. Gov. Tina Smith asking that question?


NO!  They’re still shielding Planned Parenthood from investigation!


Gov. Dayton, stop protecting Planned Parenthood!

But there’s more: 


Not only do MN and federal law both prohibit any profit being made on sale of body parts, MN law also requires that aborted babies and their remains must be disposed of in a “dignified” manner.


So not only is Planned Parenthood possibly implicated in multiple counts of state and federal crimes, now the U of M is implicated too!


Not only that:  Alpha News has uncovered the fact that Whole Women’s Health of Minneapolis is also a possible source of aborted baby parts.


This is a target-rich environment that any responsible County Attorney would be quick to investigate. 


But wouldn’t you guess, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi appears to have such a cozy relationship with Planned Parenthood, having been recognized as a “special guest” at their political fundraiser just a couple of weeks ago, that he apparently hasn’t lifted a finger to investigate his friends.


I tell you, the sick business of abortion and the illegal trafficking in death that it spawns are corrupt from top to bottom.


But what are Gov. Mark Dayton and Lt. Gov. Tina Smith doing to investigate the undeniable evidence of state and federal crimes being committed in MN? 


What are they doing?


NOTHING!  They’re still shielding all of them from investigation!


Gov. Dayton, stop protecting Planned Parenthood!


Gov. Dayton, stop protecting the U of M!


Gov. Dayton, stop protecting Whole Women’s Health!


Gov. Dayton, tell Ramsey Co. Attorney John Choi to do his job!


Gov. Dayton, it’s time to investigate and DEFUND Planned Parenthood!


Published on by Autumn Leva.