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MN House to vote on keeping separate bathrooms for boys & girls!


Thank you so much for giving of your time to email and/or call your MN legislators, urging them to PASS the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act (HF 1546/SF 1543)! This is the bill that would require MN's public schools to maintain bathrooms separated based on students' actual, biological sex--meaning girls in girls' bathrooms and locker rooms, boys in boys' bathrooms and locker rooms. 

The MN House is responding to you!

TOMORROW, Saturday April 25th, the MN House will be voting on the Education omnibus bill. Rep. Tim Miller (the author of the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act) will offer the section of his bill that would require schools to keep bathrooms separated based on biological sex as an amendment to the bigger Education omnibus bill. 

We have one last chance to encourage the MN House Members to vote FOR the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act amendment, the 844-A43 Amendment.


Again, the House Education bill will be voted on TOMORROW, so please call and/or email your MN House member one last time!



CLICK HERE and type in your zip code and then address in our FIND OFFICIALS box to be matched to your legislators. Find the phone numbers for your MN State Senator and MN State Representative and give their office a call. Urge them to PASS the Student Physical Privacy Act Amendment (the 844-A43 Amendment)!



CLICK HERE to instantly send an email to your legislators through our system that creates the email for you, then emails it automatically by matching you with your legislators using your address. 



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Published on by Autumn Leva.