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MN House votes YES on keeping boys/girls in separate bathrooms!


MN House votes YES on keeping boys/girls in separate bathrooms! 

Autumn, as you know, we've been alerting you about Representative Tim Miller's (Prinsburg, 17A) Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act (H.F. 1546), the bill that would make sure Minnesota schools continue to keep separate bathrooms for boys and girls, instead of permitting students to select a bathroom (or shower or locker room) based on their self-identified gender. This bill would protect the privacy and safety of all children when they are in intimate settings away from home.

Yesterday, we alerted you that the MN House would vote TODAY on this bill, including the Student Physical Privacy Act as part of the larger House Education omnibus bill ( H.F. 844).

We have good news!

Today, the MN House responded to your many phone calls and emails, and PASSED the Student Physical Privacy Act as part of the Education omnibus bill!

Thank YOU for working so hard to let your legislators know how important students' physical privacy and safety are, and THANK YOU to the MN House for working to protect all children's safety and privacy! 

John Helmberger, Minnesota Family Council's CEO, said this about the vote

"We are overwhelmingly grateful to Representative Miller and the Minnesota House for their leadership in protecting students' basic physical privacy and safety rights. Like Representative Miller, I too am a parent and grandparent, so I am very familiar with praying for the safety and protection of my kids when they head out the door each day for school. Of all the things parents have to worry about, the Student Physical Privacy Act ensures that parents won't have to worry about their child encountering someone of the opposite sex when they use the restroom or change for gym at school." 

Read our entire press release about today's vote HERE. 

The House Education omnibus bill, including the Student Physical Privacy Act, will now head to the Senate for a vote. The Senate and House Education bills will likely then head to a conference committee prior to final passage. 

Thank you for working with us to turn the Light back on in Minnesota  this year! 

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Published on by Mary Thompson.