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Nativities in Wadena, MN make national news!

God's ways are always higher than our ways... 


Every year around Christmastime, in grinch-like fashion, the national atheist organization based in Wisconsin, Freedom From Religion Foundation, threatens small towns with lawsuits for displaying Christmas nativities on public property. 


This year, one of their targets was Wadena, MN, where a nativity was displayed annually for years at a city park. Fearing the lawsuit, Wadena City Council voted unanimously to remove the nativity. 


This seemed in our eyes to be a defeat. 


But, in God's sovereignty, He turned what seemed to be a defeat into an opportunity to display His glory through His Son in an amazing way in Wadena!


Yes, the city's one main nativity was taken down, but since then hundreds have been put on full display on private properties by residents who disagreed with the decision. The residents are trying to break the standing record of 2500 Nativity displays in one area, and they're even using social media! 


Formerly, one main Nativity displayed God's message of Hope through Jesus during the Christmas season; now, Wadena residents are joining together and shine the Light of Christ by the hundreds!  Glory to God in the Highest!

AND, we learned that Wadena citizens have now rented out the bandstand at the park where the public Nativity used to be. These citizens have rented the space out through Christmas, with each taking a turn to legally set up a Nativity in the morning and take it down each evening, per park regulations. What a testament to their faith in Christ!


Read more on this story from Alpha News.

Wadena nativity's new location, via Alpha News

Wadena nativity's new location, via Alpha News

This story is a powerful reminder that even the smallest acts of living out our faith, like displaying a nativity on our own property, can make the biggest difference


We cannot count on government to protect our religious freedom. Our religious freedom will be protected when all of us in the Body of Christ together courageously and boldly, in love, live out our faith every day. 

Nativity on display at a Wadena business center, photo via Alpha News

Nativity on display at a Wadena business center, photo via Alpha News

Ultimately, Wadena residents made national news with their amazing Nativity story and how God used this situation to proclaim His glory.

Click to watch the  Fox & Friends video  of the Wadena story

Click to watch the Fox & Friends video of the Wadena story

May you be encouraged, knowing that God in His sovereignty will work through every seeming defeat, that the name of Jesus will be proclaimed, and that our Immanuel--God with us--can never be taken away at Christmastime or anytime.


From our families to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!


Standing with you boldy & joyfully in faith,


~The Minnesota Family Council Team


Published on by Mary Thompson.