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Rep. Kathy Lohmer & Rep. Tim Miller receive Family Champion award

Rep. Kathy Lohmer & Rep. Tim Miller receive Family Champion Award  

Minneapolis--Representative Kathy Lohmer (Stillwater, 39B) and Representative Tim Miller (Prinsburg, 17A) received Minnesota Family Council's (MFC) 2015 Family Championaward at MFC's annual dinner, "Whatever the Cost: Shining as Light in the World" last night. 

MFC has made a tradition of annually honoring individuals who follow Jesus' call to be "light in the world" (Matthew 5:13-16) with the prestigious Family Champion award. These individuals are humble, selfless and work tirelessly to defend and promote life, marriage, families, and religious freedom in the state of Minnesota--often at great personal sacrifice. 

Past winners include Senator Warren Limmer (Maple Grove, 34) in 2013, and Senator Paul Gazelka (Nisswa, 9) and Representative Peggy Scott (Andover, 35B) in 2014. 

Autumn Leva, MFC's Director of Policy, presented the 2015 Family Champion award to Rep. Lohmer and Rep. Miller: "Both of these Representatives believe God called them into public service. Therefore, all their hard work on behalf of families at the Minnesota Capitol seeks to honor God, and not self. They are tireless and fearless advocates for life, families, and religious freedom in St. Paul on behalf of Minnesotans." 

Leva shared MFC's decision to select Representative Miller as a 2015 Family Champion recipient:

 "Representative Miller is a freshman legislator, God-centered man of faith, dad, and grandpa with a quick wit and refreshingly selfless attitude. 

He is the House author of the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act, and thanks to his courageous leadership, the portion of his bill protecting children’s privacy in school bathrooms ultimately passed in the House’s Education omnibus bill.  

We are grateful to him for following God’s calling, striving to serve his district and Minnesota as a ‘light for Christ,’ his boldness and political shrewdness with humility, his friendship, and his heart to protect kids and families." 

Leva also shared MFC's reasons for selecting Representative Lohmer as a 2015 Family Champion:

 "Representative Lohmer has been one of the leading voices to oppose legislation harmful to children, life, marriage, and religious freedom over the past few years, in a loving, compassionate and persuasive way. 

This year, she also envisioned the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act, recognizing the need for this legislation to protect Minnesota’s children.  

She makes time to pray for all her colleagues, both those who agree and disagree with her. And, as a woman of great faith, a mom, and a grandmother, she has a fearless and tireless heart for protecting children.  

We are grateful to her for following God’s calling on her life to protect families and children in her elected capacity, her 'light for Christ,' and her friendship." 

MFC congratulates Representatives Miller and Lohmer, and is also grateful for all the Minnesota Legislators, and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who joined them at the 2015 MFC Dinner. 


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