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The Supreme Court & Christians, Part 4: Moving Forward

The Supreme Court & Christians, Part 4: 

Moving Forward

Dear Friend,


We hope our 4-part guide, The Supreme Court & Christians, has been helpful to you in breaking down the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision inventing a constitutional "right" to gay "marriage." In the prior 3 parts, we discussed the Body of Christ's response, preparing to protect religious freedom rights, and the impacts on children, families, and democracy.


We realize that none of this comes as easy news to digest. But the good news is, the story doesn't end here!


The good news is that the story is just beginning for the Body of Christ placed in America at this point in time. The good news is that God is refining and purifying His Bride, and we can take joy in that! And, the good news is that the Gospel still has the power to change broken lives, as it always has! Even the darkness of the High Court cannot overcome the Light of Christ


So, here are some thoughts for moving forward. We pray you will join us.

Does this seem familiar? 


The Bible teaches clearly that there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9).


Sadly, civil governments and cultures have been celebrating and declaring "right" what God clearly declared wrong for centuries. Granted, this is somewhat new to America, but you may recall another big moment in our history when our government celebrated sin and even made it a constitutional "right." 


The year was 1973, and the Supreme Court declared abortion a constitutional "right" in the infamous Roe v. Wade case. The Body of Christ in America rightly mourned. 


But then, believers in America got to work. They refused to abandon God's Word and change their views on abortion simply because the Supreme Court invented a new constitutional "right" to murder unborn babies. 

And then the Gospel changed hearts and lives, as it always does.


In the mid-1990's Reverend Flip Benham, the father of our friends the Benham Brothers, baptized Norma McCorvey (the woman who was Jane Roe from the Roe v. Wade case). 


Reverend Benham built a friendship with Norma after he located his prolife ministry next to the abortion clinic where Norma worked.

After an extremely difficult childhood, being raped as a teenager, agreeing to be the anonymous plaintiff in the infamous Roe case (though she never aborted her child), and living as a lesbian for years, Norma gave her life to Christ and became an outspoken prolife advocate. 


Read more about Norma McCorvey


And now today, Millenials are the most prolife generation, with abortion numbers increasingly dropping, and the number of millenials who think abortion is "morally wrong" well above 50%.  Read more!


You see, the Supreme Court didn't get the final word on abortion. Nor will it get the final word on marriage. God's design for marriage is intended to portray a beautiful picture of Christ's relationship with His Church, and the Supreme Court certainly has no authority over that!


So, get ready, we have lots of work to do! Will you joyfully say "Yes, Lord, here am I" with us? (Isaiah 6:8b)

3 Steps After Obergefell


The Heritage Foundation's Ryan Anderson very helpfully laid out 3 steps we can all take as we move forward from the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision. We've added in a few extra tips too!


Read Ryan Anderson's entire article:  "Here Are 3 Steps to Take on Marriage."


1. Call the Supreme Court's Ruling What It Is

The Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell wasn't an interpretation of the law--it was pure judicial activism, inventing a new "right." Just like believers rejected Roe v. Wade and "exposed its lies about unborn life and about the Constitution," we must reject Obergefell and expose its lies about marriage and the Constitution. 


Chief Justice John Roberts said it best in his dissent:

If you are among the many Americans—of whatever sexual orientation—who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today’s decision. Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it. 
— Chief Justice John Roberts

2. Protect Religious Freedom

After Roe, the prolife movement worked to ensure that Americans would not be punished for believing that abortion is morally wrong. They fought to protect the religious freedom of doctors and nurses so that they would not have to participate in abortions. They fought to stop taxpayer funding of abortion (a fight that continues at the state level today), and they fought to protect prolife organizations from being discriminated against by the government.


Now, we must engage in the same fight for religious freedom regarding marriage. 


If you missed The Supreme Court & Christians, Part 2: Religious Freedom, please be sure to check it out! There are resources in there you, your church, your family, and your ministry need!

  • Legal guide to protecting your church/ministry from Alliance Defending Freedom
  • Religious freedom information packet from Focus on the Family
  • Action steps you can help with in getting laws passed at the federal and state levels to safeguard religious freedom

Click to get your information now!


We fight for religious freedom so that we can keep church doors open and Christians' voices unleashed, for the sake of the Gospel.


3. Don't Stop Talking About Marriage

The truth about God's design for marriage doesn't change, so why should we not continue to spread the good news about marriage?


Marriage is a relationship unlike any other, intended to reflect Christ's relationship with His Bride, the Church!


And don’t just keep talking about marriage – live it! One of the most powerful and compelling arguments we will have for true marriage going forward, as the cultural devastation of the Obergefell decision becomes evident for all to see, will be the goodness and beauty of God’s design for marriage and family as His people live it out.

Will you joyfully move forward with us? 


Brother or Sister in Christ, our Almighty, loving God has created us to live in America at such a time as this. 


The very foundations of our nation are indeed trembling, religious freedom is certainly in jeopardy, and families and children will certainly be hurt by the culture for years to come. 


But the power of the Gospel doesn't need a nation and laws that reflect God's Truth in order to thrive. 


Let us joyfully embrace this time in which we live as an opportunity to be Light in a darkened world, and as a time when Christ will truly refine and purify His Church!


Will you joyfully move forward with us?


May God bless and protect you and your family,


The Minnesota Family Council Team


Published on by Autumn Leva.