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The Supreme Court & Christians, Part 3: Other Impacts from the Obergefell Decision

The Supreme Court & Christians, Part 3:

Other Impacts from the Obergefell Decision

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The harmful consequences of the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision imagining a constitutional "right" to same-sex "marriage" will be many. Some of them we expected; others are yet to be determined as a result of 5 judges overturning a social construct that has been in existence since God first instituted it. And all of these consequences will wreak havoc on families and children for generations to come.


Part 3 of our The Supreme Court & Christians series will focus on just a few of these harmful consequences.

1.  Faceless Children


Those who are most impacted by the Supreme Court's decision to invent a constitutional "right" to gay "marriage" are ironically also the most talked about but least heard from--the children.


Both sides in the debate talked about the impact of gay "marriage" on children. Pro-gay "marriage" advocates (including Justice Kennedy who authored the Court's Obergefell decision) talked about the "dignity" of these children and their gay parents. They said that these children would face shame and feel undignified if their parents' relationship was not defined as a marriage just as the marriages of heterosexual couples. 


Those who advocated on behalf of true marriage as God defined it explained that the public purpose of marriage was never intended to be an adult-centered, romantic purpose. Instead, the public purpose of marriage was intended to be very child-centered, designed to unite a man and woman together for the public purpose of ensuring that whenever possible, any potential children born to them would be raised and cared for by both their parents. 


But the children of gay couples (rather, the actual children of one of the parents in a gay relationship), especially those children who speak out against their experiences, are not often heard. 


To the media and culture, they are faceless, nameless, silenced victims washed up on shore by the waves of political correctness. And make no mistake, they will pay the heaviest price for the Supreme Court's decision.


We've written about some of these now grown children before. 

CLICK HERE to see their faces and read short snapshots of their stories.


The most powerful piece we've seen is written by our friend, Professor Robert Oscar Lopez, who traveled to MN in 2013 to help explain to the Minnesota Legislature why gay "marriage" is bad public policy for children, particularly those of gay couples. 

Prof. Lopez in Minnesota in 2013, testifying against Minnesota's gay "marriage bill.

Prof. Lopez in Minnesota in 2013, testifying against Minnesota's gay "marriage bill.

 What Life Is Like When Children of Gay Couples Don't Matter

Robert Oscar Lopez

Be sure to read Prof. Lopez's entire powerful article. It seems his story, as well as those of other children of gay parents who filed briefs with the Supreme Court, fell on deaf ears.

Here's a sneak-peak at the powerful and sobering message Prof. Lopez delivers:


"With each day the Christian in me grows and the American in me withers: perhaps, I tell myself, God has dealt us these painful blows so that we realize that government is not religion, courts are not church, and judges like Anthony Kennedy are no gods.  A higher purpose exists – I know that now, better than I ever have.  That is the only positive thing about living life as someone who doesn’t matter."


Of course, all children will ultimately suffer as the message that gay "marriage" is the moral, legal, and social equivalent of true marriage indoctrinates them through our laws and culture, and in public schools (of course, the push to force even private schools to comply has already begun). How can children not be impacted when government stamps its approval on deliberately celebrating an adult-centered union that automatically detaches children from one of their parents?


However, the children most impacted will certainly be those who are indeed living without at least one of their parents in a world where any wishing for the other parent or even talking about their experiences is met with intense backlash. 

2. New, Government-Sanctioned Families


As we alluded to above, the Supreme Court's invention of a constitutional "right" to gay "marriage" sets the government's stamp of approval on an adult-centered, romantic redefinition of marriage. 


This means that other new "rights" with regard to parenting and family structures are certainly on the way. 



MFC and other state and national allies have warned consistently since prior to Minnesota redefining marriage in 2013 that redefining marriage as an adult-centered institution based on the "right to love" and "equality" would open the door to legalized polygamous "marriages." Even the Washington Times noted this at year's end in 2013. 

Well, sure enough not even 1 week after the Supreme Court's gay "marriage" ruling in Obergefell, a Montana man (who has one wife) applied for a marriage license to officially "marry" his second "wife" citing the Obergefell decision as his inspiration to do so. The article indicates his intent to pursue legal remedies if he continues to be denied his "right to marry."




A "Right" to Children

A push for the "right" to create families however one wants will surely follow a constitutional "right" to gay "marriage." The L.A. Times has already reported on that


Again, regardless of children's needs to know and be cared for by their actual parents whenever possible, government-sanctioned & adult-centered same-sex "marriages" give a huge boost to those who believe that adults should have the "right" to a child by whatever means possible, so long as they have the money to pay for it. 


Other peoples' children being carefully selected, bought, and raised by someone other than their parents--intentionally. 

Think of the implications of this. This means baby-manufacturing, eugenics. This means a "right" to In Vitro fertilization. This means a "right" to surrogacy (paying a woman for the use of her womb and then the child she bears). This means a "right" to purchased eggs and sperm from other women and men. 

This means that children lose their inherent right to know who brought them into the world and find themselves intentionally created (sometimes specifically through a eugenics type process) to be raised by someone other than their parents. 


Read more about the dangers of this new concept of "family equality," especially for women & children, from our friends at the Center for Bioethics & Culture Network, HERE.

3. Democracy in America

The last, but certainly not least, consequence arising from the Supreme Court's decision to invent a constitutional "right" to gay "marriage" that we will discuss is the impact of the Court's decision on democracy. 


Regardless of how one feels about the merits of redefining marriage, everyone should be concerned about the direct hit democracy took on June 26th.

Kellie Fiedorek, an attorney with our allies Alliance Defending Freedomreported about the impact of the Supreme Court on democracy in the Washington Post.


Be sure to read Kellie's entire piece, but here's a great quote!


"In 31 states, after engaging in robust debate, voters chose to affirm marriage as the union of a man and a woman in their constitutions. Meanwhile, citizens in other states decided to redefine marriage in their laws. The people in all these states demonstrated how the democratic process works — that citizens are free not only to discuss and disagree on an emotionally charged topic with momentous societal impact but also to go to the ballot box and express their beliefs on how to resolve the issue for their state.


But the court undercut this fundamental right. Five lawyers negated the voices of tens of millions of Americans who voted to reaffirm the definition of marriage and obstructed our system of government by appropriating from our elected leaders their constitutional right to make policy. In so doing, the court cast a shadow on every American’s trust that his or her engagement in the democratic process will have an impact."

Clearly, these are just a few of the consequences American families will face after the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade of marriage. After Roe v. Wade, our nation was reeling from the realization that the Supreme Court invented a constitutional "right" to abortion, in effect celebrating sin and mandating that the killing of innocent human life be permitted. Believers rightly wept, and the effects of Roe v. Wade on our nation and culture have been innumerable, some measured by millions of babies killed since Roe and others harder to count but still powerfully felt in both federal and state laws, and court jurisprudence. 


Similarly, today we weep over the Supreme Court's invention of a constitutional "right" to gay "marriage," knowing that the consequences both known and unknown will be felt for generations to come. But we also acknowledge that, similar to the Body of Christ after Roe, we cannot and must not pack up and retreat. We are called for such a time as this.


Please be sure to read our next edition of The Supreme Court & Christians: Moving Forward.


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