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Tough Questions for Donald Trump

Tough Questions for Donald Trump From America’s Families

Minnesota Family Council and its national family policy allies
say questions remain for Donald Trump

Minnesota Family Council and its national allies, including Colorado Springs, CO-based CitizenLink and nearly 40 state-based family policy councils representing millions of Evangelicals nationwide, today released an open letter to presidential candidate Donald Trump calling on him to answer direct questions on his policy positions. 

John Helmberger, CEO of Minnesota Family Council, put it this way: 

“We’re calling on Mr. Trump to clear up his contradictory record on issues that millions of voters care deeply about. Mr. Trump has been invited several times to join our alliance’s Presidential Candidate Teleconference Series. He has yet to accept, and our constituents are left wondering where he stands.”

You may be wondering why we took this extraordinary step:

To inform you and other pro-family citizens.
 We did so to address substantive policy issues we—and millions of pro-family Americans—are concerned about.  As a partner in a national alliance that represents pro-family Americans across the United States, many in early primary states, we have a responsibility to ask Mr. Trump about his policy positions and his views on the role of the president. 

We want to ensure that pro-family voters are able to hear from Mr. Trump on these issues and make an informed decision when they cast their ballots in the coming days and weeks. 

Because character matters for leaders. 

As Christians, we recognize that character matters for leaders.  In fact, the biblical qualifications for civil leaders are more about the character of a leader than about his or her knowledge, skills or abilities, though the latter are also important (Exodus 18:21).
This shouldn’t be surprising because many leadership failures are not failures of ability but failures of character that undermine or corrupt ability.  Mr. Trump’s words and actions have raised legitimate questions about the character of a man seeking the office of President of the United States, arguably the most powerful position of leadership in the world.  We have a responsibility as Christian citizens to respectfully but firmly press him on these questions.

Neither Minnesota Family Council nor CitizenLink has endorsed any presidential candidate. All viable conservative candidates have been invited to participate in the Presidential Candidate Teleconferences organized by CitizenLink.

So far, Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and former Gov. Jeb Bush have participated on the calls, as well as former Sen. Rick Santorum and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, prior to suspending their campaigns. Dr. Ben Carson is scheduled for later this month. 

Paul Weber, President & CEO of CitizenLink, explained, “With the recent passing of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the issues of marriage, life, religious liberty and the centrality of the family require even more focus.” Weber continued, “Mr. Trump’s public comments about nominating judges with the same temperament as his sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, who overturned the New Jersey Partial-Birth Abortion Ban are particularly concerning to Christians and should be to all Americans.” 

A copy of the Open Letter to Donald Trump is available here.  

Other questions you may have: 

Isn’t this just a personal attack on Donald Trump? 

Not at all.  Americans are tired of name calling and personal attacks, and as Christians, we couldn’t agree more.  We want to engage Mr. Trump on the issues our next president will be faced with – very important issues that cut to the soul of our nation and how we will move forward. 

Our letter to Mr. Trump is focused on the issues we and millions of pro-family Americans are concerned about – life, marriage, religious freedom, limited government and the role of the executive. 

What if he ends up being the GOP nominee? 

If Donald Trump wins the nomination, our concerns will still stand.  If he wins the presidency, our concerns will still stand.  In either case, we will continue to press for our next president to protect the sanctity of human life, to restore marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and to ensure the religious freedom of all Americans is protected. 

Like most of our alliance, Minnesota Family Council provides information to pro-family voters highlighting the differences between candidates.  Should Mr. Trump become the nominee, we will certainly compare and contrast the policy positions of the two nominees so voters can cast their ballots for the candidate who is closest to their values. 

May we all be wise and faithful stewards of the privilege that has been entrusted to us by our Sovereign God – the awesome privilege of selecting leaders for our state and nation! 

And may God be merciful to us and grant us leaders who are better than we deserve, who will lead in righteousness and true justice – the hallmarks of His heavenly government, and the benchmarks against which He measures earthly government! 

Thank you for being a Faithful Voter – faithful to vote, consistent with your faith and biblical principles. 

For His Kingdom,

Minnesota Family Council 

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Published on by Mary Thompson.