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TransRacial is a thing?

Dear Friend,

Last week we sent you an email called #Trans______ where we addressed the media hype surrounding Bruce Jenner's "transition" to Caitlyn Jenner, and how following the logic of "whatever you think you are is what you really are" will not lead to sound public policy and is, in fact, quite dangerous. 

Following that rationale, we gave 4 real-life examples of people who identify as something they are not (and therefore believe they should be treated as how they believe they are as a matter of public policy):

  • Transgender (e.g., Bruce Jenner)
  • Gender-fluid or Gender-queer (people who identify as neither male or female, both, or somewhere in the middle of the "gender spectrum")
  • Transabled (people who identify as disabled despite their healthy bodies; these people tragically damage or remove their own limbs in order to achieve a disability)
  • Trans-Vampires (people who believe they are real-life vampires who need the blood, energy, and/or sexual interaction from others in order to have a normal energy level)


Then we pondered what that line of thinking would lead to with (what we thought were) satirical examples of people who believe they should be given legal recognition for the way they believe themselves to be, as opposed to the reality of who they are...


  • Trans-aged (people who identify themselves as older or younger than their birth age and so petition states to change the date on their birth certificate)
    See MFC's news piece "No More Senior Citizen Discounts!
  • Trans-Species (people who identify themselves as a different species and desire to live that out in their every day lives)
  • Trans-Racial (people who identify themselves as a different race)
    See "An African American Woman Reflects on the Transgender Movement" 

(And more!)

We used the examples as satire, but evidently we were sadly mistaken. There is some talk in the psychological world about people who suffer from "species dysphoria," feeling they are in the wrong body because they do not identify as 100% human.

And, right after we sent out the original #Trans______ email, the news broke about Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who has posed as an African American woman and served as NAACP President in Washington state until she stepped down yesterday. Now Rachel is saying she "identifies as black" and has done so since around age 5, sparking a conversation about being "Transracial." 

With a serious conversation taking place nationally about whether or not Rachel Dolezal is "trans-racial," immediately after former Olympian Bruce Jenner made his national debut as "Caitlyn Jenner" and was hailed for his heriosm, it bears taking a moment to pause and realize that the liberal logic must claim its ground or lose it.

It is completely inconsistent to cheer on Bruce Jenner for embracing his "real self" by rejecting his male body and reappearing (after surgically altering himself) as a female sex object while criticizing Rachel Dolezal for embracing her "real self" as a black woman by rejecting her Caucasian heritage and physically altering herself to appear as a black woman and publicly identifying herself as such. 

They are either both worthy of praise or both in need of compassionate help and counseling. 

God didn't make any mistakes in His design, and we are designed in the image of the living God (Genesis 1:27). We were not created in the wrong body; nor were we designed to divorce our bodies from our mind and spirit.


Please join us in praying for both Bruce and Rachel, that they may come to find their true identity in Christ, and Christ alone. 

Please also join us in spreading the word that liberal logic ("whatever you think you are is what you really are") will never lead to sound public policy, and is, in fact, quite dangerous for those who suffer from identity disorders and for those whose religious freedom to speak the truth about God's design for men and women is at risk. 


And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. 
-John 8:32 


Thank you so much!


Working with you to courageously and steadfastly speak the Truth in love to a culture in desperate need of the Light,


~The MFC Team




Published on by Autumn Leva.