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Boys & Girls Sharing Bathrooms: Coming to a School Near You!


St. Paul Public Schools Unanimously Passes "Transgender Policy"  

The end of boys and girls bathrooms coming to a school near you? 

Autumn, with great sadness we report to you that last night, St. Paul Public Schools unanimously passed their "transgender policy." Read more about it below and find out why this impacts you and your family, even if your children don't attend St. Paul Schools! 

The effects of this policy are:

  1. Teachers may not group students by boys & girls.
  2. All students and teachers must refer to a transgender student by their preferred name and pronoun.
  3. All transgender students must be permitted to participate on whichever sports team they self-identify with (meaning biological boys can play on girls sports teams).
  4. All transgender students must be permitted to access whatever bathroom, locker room, shower, or hotel room they self-identify with (this means biological boys in girls' facilities and hotel rooms, and vice versa).  

Why these types of transgender policies harm all children:

  1. These policies violate the privacy rights of ALL students. It is inappropriate for students of the opposite biological sex to be sharing intimate facilities with one another.
  2. These policies violate the safety of our female athletes. State law created girls' sports teams for obvious safety and fairness reasons. St. Paul Public Schools' policy intentionally places female athletes in an unfair and unsafe position for athletic competition.
  3. St. Paul Public Schools refused to address the privacy and safety issue with regard to bathroom use, stating that "The availability of school facilities will take time to address" and that "There is no correlation between unsafe school environments and providing equitable access to facilities for transgender and gender non-conforming students."

    They provide no evidence for their claim, leaving students' basic privacy rights unaddressed.  
  4. St. Paul Public Schools failed to address the religious freedom implications of their policy.

    For some students of faith, being seen in a state of undress by a member of the opposite sex is considered to leave them "impure." St. Paul Public Schools failed to address that. 

    For many students and teachers, it would deeply violate their conscience to be forced to call a boy a "girl" or a girl a "boy."  What happens when a girls' basketball coach who is a Christian, Jew, or Muslim is forced to accept a biological boy on the team and call him a "girl." Will the coach be forced to do this or else be fired? St. Paul Public Schools never addressed this issue.

Autumn, Minneapolis Public Schools has also been permitting their students to select their bathroom (or locker room, shower, etc.) based upon their gender identity. 

Even if your child does not attend Minneapolis or St. Paul Public Schools, the question is:  

Will your child's school be next? 

The push for "transgender rights" is the next wave in the agenda of LGBT activists. It is an effort to redefine basic biological reality, and these types of "transgender policies" are becoming more and more prevalent in school districts across the U.S. 

This is something that must concern parents, and absolutely must concern the Church. How can the Church spread the Good News about the Love, Hope, and Life found in Jesus Christ if culture is denying even the very beginning of Scripture, "Male and female he created them..." ? 

The Church is called to speak the Truth in Love for our culture. It is a high calling, and one that can't be ignored. Let us stand together and turn the Light back on in Minnesota this year!

#TruthInLove #LightsOnMN 

What can you do to protect your child?

If you haven't already heard, some of our godly elected leaders in the MN Legislature have introduced a bill that would protect your child's physical privacy and safety.

The Student Safety & Physical Privacy Act (H.F. 1546/S.F. 1543) would require schools to maintain bathrooms separated based on biological sex, as well as make sure that girls' sports teams remain just for biological girls. 

This bill would protect all students in Minneapolis/St. Paul, as well as prevent other schools from passing these types of harmful transgender policies.

Will you speak the Truth in Love with us?

If you haven't already, please do the following: 

  1. Please contact your own elected officials--urge your Minnesota State Senator and Representative to PASS the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act!

    You can do this by using our form that matches you with your appropriate legislators based on your address and then instantly sends them an email from you HERE.


    You can call them by typing in your zip code and then address in our "Find Officials" box HERE.
    Simply locate the phone number for your Minnesota Senator and Minnesota State Representative and give them a quick call asking them to PASS H.F. 1546/S.F. 1543! 
  2. Then, share this email with your friends, family, and church community.

    If the Body of Christ speaks the Truth in Love now on this important issue, we can stand for Truth, protecting kids and helping make sure the Gospel can still be spread in our culture. 
  3. PRAY that legislators will be moved to protect the safety and privacy of our kids and that they will not  bow to LGBT activists whose policies harm ALL children, including those struggling with their gender identity! 

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~The Minnesota Family Council Team 


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