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What a night!

What a night!

We are writing to say THANK YOU for joining us at our annual dinner, Shining as Light in the World:  Whatever the Cost, almost two weeks ago--and if you weren't able to join us, thank you for your support!

It was an AMAZING night!  We thought we'd share a few highlights with you. 

1. Thanks to your generosity and heart for ministry, we met our $100,000 matching grant at the dinner!

MFC CEO John Helmberger thanks the crowd for attending MFC's Shining as Light in the World:  Whatever the Cost 2015 dinner, and John also thanks you ALL for your support and prayers, and for helping us meet an incredible $100,000 matching grant that will help fund initiatives like our Student Statesmanship Institute summer program for teens; supporting Christ-centered statesmen and stateswomen to rebuild a foundation of godly civil leadership in our state; advancing biblically based, pro-family policy throughout the state; and more!

John wanted to send a special THANK-YOU message to you and all our supporters:

"Thank you to our matching challenge donor, to each of you who gave generously to help meet the matching challenge, and to all of you for your prayers and support. We are so humbled to serve you as you work to raise up godly children, follow God's call on your life, and turn the Light back on in your community. As our new friends the Benham brothers would say, please continue to join us as we run toward the bullets, carrying the banner of Christ in a darkened culture, whatever the cost! God bless you."

-John Helmberger

2. We received an amazing message of hope, inspiration, and what it means to joyfully shine the Light of Christ in today's world!

The Benham brothers, twin brothers from NC, shared the story of their rise to professional baseball, their national recognition as acclaimed entrepreneurs, and finally their latest success in landing their own reality TV show (with their families) on HGTV--only to lose it all because of their faith. 

Their message (with plenty of banter between the twins) was one of hope, humor, and courage to follow after Christ, whatever the cost.

"The problem isn't the darkness; it's the lack of Light. It's high time for Christians to flip the Light back on--to push back the kingdom of darkness so the kingdom of light can advance forcefully!"

-David Benham

"You guys in Minnesota have been taking your lumps--there's been a lot of losing going on. But you know, it looked like Jesus was failing when He was walking up a hill with a tree on His back. But He was winning every step of the way."

-Jason Benham 


3. Shining the Light for our kids!

It was completely dark in the hotel ballroom when these 3 kids walked through the crowd, holding their torches high. 

The message was clear--we have to stand for Christ now, whatever the cost, so that our children can see religious liberties flourish, life cherished at all stages, and God's design for marriage and families honored and lived. 

The time is now. Our kids can't wait.

4. Speaking of our kids, MFC's Student Statesmanship Institute is coming!

MFC's newest team member, Stephani Liesmaki, is Program Coordinator for MFC's Student Statesmanship Institute (SSI MN), a summer camp/program for teens.

Stephani shared with dinner attendees how SSI MN is gearing up for its 2nd summer in MN, July 26-31and it's even bigger!

Students this year can choose from three different tracks, all based from a biblical world view: 

  1. The HOUSE track, where students will learn how to debate, pass bills, and practice using real pieces of legislation, role-playing as members of the MN House of Representatives!
  2. The advanced SENATE track where 2nd-year students will role-play as members of the MN Senate honing their skills.
  3. The advanced MEDIA track where 2nd-year+ students learn how to be Christ-centered members of the Media.

If your child or grandchild isn't signed up, register today! They do NOT want to miss out on this life-changing camp!

Check out this video.

5. Godly men & women serving as MN Legislators were honored!

We all know that despite Jesus' command for Christians to be light in the world, today there’s an increasing cultural trend towards forsaking families and religious freedom, even legally requiring Christians to hide their light when they’re in public.

But, the good news is, there are some Minnesota legislators who buck this cultural trend. They follow the call to be “light in the world,” whatever the cost. These men and women work tirelessly to promote and defend life, marriage, families (yours AND the families they represent in their districts!), and religious freedom. 

Each of them strives to live out a value Minnesota Family Council holds dear—viewing their public service as a ministry. They are missionaries called to the often dark and challenging mission field of state government.

We thank God for each of them (and those fighting for families and religious freedom who could not attend) and their witness for Christ at the Capitol! Be encouraged that they are there standing for your family and others!

Read more!

6. Two MN Legislators receive the prestigious MFC "Family Champion" award!

MFC has made it a tradition to recognize individual legislators who have especially let their lights shine at the Minnesota Capitol, whatever the cost to themselves personally, with the “Family Champion” award.

This year's winners are:  Rep. Kathy Lohmer (Stillwater, district 39B) and Rep. Tim Miller (Prinsburg, district 17A).

Congratulations to these two humble and godly warriors for Christ at the MN Capitol!

READ MORE about why these two were selected, the calling God placed on them, and their families.

7. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann joined us!

We were honored to be joined by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who up until this year served as U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 6th Congressional District.

Congresswoman Bachmann has been a longtime family champion in Minnesota. In fact, she was the original author of the Marriage Protection Amendment in the MN Legislature.

We were honored to have her, hear her words of encouragement, and pray for her and her family!

Thank you again to each of you for your continued involvement, financial support, and prayer support for the ministry of MFC--to nurture and defend families by restoring biblical truth in our culture.

It is an honor to partner with you in turning the Light back on in Minnesota, whatever the cost!

May God bless you and your families,

~The MFC Team


Published on by Mary Thompson.