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What if it were your child?



What if it were your child?

They say that with just the drop of one stone, you can disturb a mighty river, and with just one pebble, you can set off ripples across an entire lake.  

We also know that God can use just one of His unlikely faithful ones to save an entire people (think Esther or Moses), become the leader of an entire nation (think Joseph), or bear the Son of God (Mary of course). 

What if it were your son or daughter who could lead our state, or even our nation, out of the darkness into which we've wandered?  

At Minnesota Family Institute's exclusive summer program, we'd love to share in the joy of equipping your son or daughter to do just that! 

Student Statesmanship Institute-Minnesota is a dynamic, hands-on, Christian leadership program. 

High School Students, ages 13-19 engage in this week-long simulation, combining spiritual challenge, biblical worldview training, and practical hands-on experience to equip students to think biblically and lead with humble confidence. 

Visit http://www.mfc.org/about-ssi to learn more! 

How can we help equip your child to make ripples wherever God places him or her? 

At SSI-MN, students participate in one of three tracks where they will learn how to write, debate, and pass real pieces of legislation as they meet and learn alongside real MN state leaders, engage in a committee meeting, debate legislation, and vote on bills in the HOUSE or SENATE tracks; or students will create the daily news reporting on the legislation, conduct interviews with VIP's including members of the real MN Legislature, and learn how media shapes public and political opinion as members of the MEDIA track! 

There is no other summer program like SSI-MN--and the best part is....everything is biblically based and includes daily devotionals!  Our deepest desire is to see each student grow in a deep relationship with the Lord first.  

We believe God has called each and every child, including yours, to shine the Light of Christ wherever God places him or her. We'd love to be a part of helping your child prepare for the calling on his or her life! 

Check out what some of our SSI-MN alumni are saying about this summer leadership program!

 The Basics:

July 26-31, 2015 - Students stay on campus at the University of Northwestern St. Paul and take trips during the week to the Capitol Complex in St. Paul.


Take a peak into the program via our SSI video and photos online. www.mfc.org/ssi-mn 


Includes five days and nights, room and board, three meals a day, materials, and trips to Capitol Complex in St. Paul. Please contact us at ssimn@mfc.org with financial aid requests. No student is turned away for financial reasons. 


Would you consider supporting SSI-MN, a project of Minnesota Family Institute, as we train up the next generation of Christian leaders? SSI-MN is supported primarily by the generous donations of individuals, families, businesses, and churches. Thank you for considering!

God bless you!


Published on by Mary Thompson.