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What's the bathroom for anyway?

What's the bathroom for anyway?

Dear Friend,

If you're no longer in school, do you remember what it was like to use the restroom or locker room at school? I sure do.

I remember being so uncomfortable using the bathroom at school, even as a young elementary school girl, that my mom threatened to ask my teacher to make sure I used the bathroom if I wouldn't go on my own. That prospect was even more embarrassing, so I complied. 

Then came middle school and the early high school years. During that time, bathrooms and locker rooms suddenly became a place where the changes our female bodies were going through became very apparent. Nearly every girl in school always tried to get one of the few coveted private stalls to change clothes for gym or sports, and every girl always wanted to use the toilets when no other girl was in the restroom with her. 

Perhaps some of you men experienced the same uncomfortabilities as your bodies changed? 

And, apparently feeling uncomfortable in the bathroom is not a feeling reserved for kids. One article explains that both men and women tend to feel uncomfortable in public restrooms. For some, it becomes a serious condition called paruresis (fear of urinating in the presence of others) or parcopresis (fear of defacating in the presence of others). 


And all that when using bathrooms with members of the same sex. What if LGBT activists get their way and insist that members of the opposite biological sex be allowed in girls' or boys' restrooms and locker rooms? 

I think my young 13-year-old friend from Southern MN sums it up well. When I asked her about this issue and explained how some LGBT activists think people who identify as transgender should be able to use the bathroom of the sex they "self-identify" with instead of the bathroom that matches their biological sex (meaning biological boys could be in her bathroom) she said:

"Ew! Oh no! Oh my gosh. I'd never go to the bathroom AGAIN!"

So what's the bathroom for, anyway? 

I can't really think of anyone who likes using a public bathroom, but they are certainly a necessity in today's society. The public bathroom exists to help us carry out our biological functions--so it makes sense to have bathrooms separated based on biological sex.

The West pushed for sex-segregated bathrooms for many reasons that should be obvious--but in case they aren't, here's a quick rundown of a few basic reasons:  

  • safety for women
  • dignity and modesty
  • privacy
  • to make the uncomfortable act of using a public bathroom a bit more comfortable. 

And, of course, these ideas extend beyond the bathroom. 

For example, Mexico City and Guatemala City have tried female-only buses to make public transportation safer for females.

One woman said:  "I feel much safer on these buses rather than the mixed ones," said Edelmira Figueroa, a nurse who works in the capital. "I used to get harassed by male passengers and the drivers would say vulgar things and touch you as you walked past. But now I feel much more comfortable."

In just one more example, how would the LGBT activists' policies play out in the context of charities and safe homes for battered women and children since these places typically do not permit males for safety and rehabilitative reasons? 

Should these places be forced to permit men on the premises in the name of "gender-equality," as has happened in the UK

Even liberal feminists who typically support LGBT-causes get this issue:  “Women’s concerns are not seen as relevant here,” she wrote. “Rather, how the male-bodied transgender feels is the most important thing, and feeling embarrassed because women have been made to feel uncomfortable is less worrying than facing possible male violence in the ‘men’s.’ The entry of male-bodied transgenders into women’s facilities or the elimination of women’s facilities in favour of ‘gender-neutral’ bathrooms is likely to endanger women’s safety.”


And does anyone really believe that the safest place for a biological female (who identifies as male) is in the men's bathroom with a bunch of adolescent or adult males??

Of course not.

Friend, will you help us keep bathrooms safe & private here in MN? 


A great group of leaders at the MN Legislature have introduced a bill that would get us going in the right direction to keep places like bathrooms safe and private in MN, especially for kids. 

The Student Safety & Physical Privacy Act (HF 1546/SF 1543) would require public schools to keep bathrooms separated by biological sex, while allowing schools to have an accommodation (like a private facility) for those who don't want to use the bathroom that matches their sex.

It's a common-sense bill. 


Will you help us move this bill? 

  • If you haven't already called or emailed your legislators, please do so today!
  • Or, if you've already called, please email. If you've already emailed, please call.
  • If you've already done both, thank you so much! Please urge at least 5 friends to do the same! 
  • Pray!


To Call:

CLICK HERE and type in your zip code and then address in our FIND OFFICIALS box to be matched to your legislators. Find the phone numbers for your MN State Senator and MN State Representative and give their office a call. Urge them to PASS the Student Safety & Physical Privacy Act (HF 1546/SF 1543) TODAY!


To Email:

CLICK HERE to instantly send an email to your legislators through our system that creates the email for you, then emails it automatically by matching you with your legislators using your address. 


Thank you for your help and God bless you!

Autumn Leva
Policy Director for MFC

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